Hi. I'm Lauren.

I'm a graphic designer, blogger and mum. I aim to enrich people's lives by informing and inspiring through interiors, colour and creative passion. I know (and totally get) that it can be difficult to not just find an outlet for these things but finding time can be a massive part of the struggle!

Here you'll find inspiration, tips and tutorials covering home decorating, parties and do-it-yourself craft projects. I like to focus on quick and easy ways to do this.

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We should hang out together…

Why? For a start, I have a #totesawesome cushion collection… I've already sold you haven't I?!

Aside from that, hanging out with folk such as yourself, who I can help and who can help each other. I love being around people who can enjoy the same sense of accomplishment and appreciation that I get from decorating, crafting and design. If you're here I'm guessing you do too?!

No matter your skill level, follow me and let me enrich your life, it'll be fun!

Soft pretty pink cushions on couch

Don't have copious amounts of time to spend stalking people on the internet? I'll make it easy on you… read on my friend!

How did I get to this crazy place? And any blogger will tell you – it. is. crazy.

I've loved being creative my whole life, growing up in the country there wasn't always much for a kid to do.

Despite my mum (FYI the raddest woman ever) claiming that she doesn't have a creative bone in her body, she was actually the one to introduce me to crafts. This lead me down the (at times expensive and got-an-awesome-idea sleepless nights) path.

I love houses in general. When I was young I would grab the New Homes section of the weekend newspaper (for those of you who don't know what a newspaper is it's a “printed publication containing news articles and information”) and redraw floor plans to my liking.

Nearly 15 years ago I started my first online adventure, selling scrapbooking supplies online and on eBay. I had great fun with that but after a couple of years, I was unable to devote the time I needed to see it really succeed.

A year or two after finishing my scrapbooking adventures I was bored so I started dabbling in blogging with my aim to curate all of the awesome projects and interiors I loved. ‘Coz the internet is a big place, why not organise it? And Pinterest hadn't been invented at this point!

I always wanted to find a creative profession but could never quite work out which. Eventually, a year after my first child was born, I was able to start studying graphic design in 2012.

A Visual Merriment was about 5 years in the making, after having to put it on hold for a little while. So to say the least, I'm super excited to be here sharing with you guys!

Minimal scandi bedroom

Random facts about me

I'm a constant daydreamer (it's not uncommon for me to just about trip over a friend in public AND still not see them! So buddy, this is my advance apologies).

I live in beautiful sunny Perth, Western Australia.

I'm a single mum with two young children, Campbell (7) and Hudson (4).

I'm a bit of an animal lover and have two fur babies Zeus and Delilah. If I could have a mini petting zoo I would!

You can call me Loz or Lozza if you really want 🙂

So that's it in a nutshell…

Have any questions or anything you would love to read about on the blog? Be sure to hit me up!

I always love a new friend and would love to have you around for the party! Be sure to follow me on social media and when you subscribe to my emails you'll, of course, get access to the VIP Freebies Member Library.

Later lovelies…

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