Alvie’s Wild One Birthday Party

Alvie’s Wild One Birthday Party

safari wild one first birthday party

Have you seen the Wild One first Birthday party themes over Pinterest and Instagram? I love them! I mean, the play on words for a start… and most one-year-olds are a little wild aren't they?

I've been meaning to get this article out for so long and I'm so happy to finally be sharing it with you. My sister in law Chloe (who totally needs to be a party planner by the way) threw this amazing first Birthday party for my nephew, Alvie.

Now I have just one nephew and no nieces. It goes without saying (although you know I'm going to say it!) that I absolutely adore him. He is the cutest little man! I was so excited for his first Birthday.

Scroll for more of his party. My brother and sister in law live in beautiful Busselton so for those of you near Busso or even in Perth, Chloe has provided me with some of her suppliers.

Safari theme balloon bouquet

The theme was a safari wild one party. The colour scheme was yellow/gold, green, black and a little white. There were plenty of leafy plants and palms around which help to add to the theme. Chloe made the balloon arch herself. This was also her first attempt at creating a grazing table. I think she did an amazing job! Now, I have a few questions for Chloe.

Balloon Party Decor

Where did you get your balloons from? Especially the giraffe, he's so cute!

Most of the balloons were from Lombards (Cannington) and Spotlight. The giraffe was from KMart. I purchased a DIY balloon kit from Kmart however I swapped out the balloons from the kit for others more suited to my colour scheme.

Wild one party decor balloon corner

Yellow giraffe balloon

Entry balloon bouquet

Base of DIY balloon arch

Large balloon arch over grazing table

Balloon arch over grazing table

Green and gold balloon arch

Outdoor decorations

With balloons and the grazing table inside, most of the guests were outside. The garden with leafy tropical plants and the faux vertical garden was the perfect backdrop.

Wild one drinks table

First Birthday party decor

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Outdoor drinks table

Outdoor party balloon decor

Safari animal wall art photographic set

Creating the Grazing Table

In the past Chloe has paid someone to create her grazing tables. This time she decided to give it a go herself. 

Did you borrow or hire any of the cutting boards?

The cutting boards were a combination of my own supply, others borrowed and two I ended up purchasing.

Are there any particular places you went to find the food?

I bought food from Bunbury Farmer's Market and Woolworths.

Having paid a professional and now DIY'd your own grazing table, what would you say are the major differences?

Creating my own grazing table was definitely cheaper. I actually found layering the objects and food quite easily. For inspiration I simply used photos of a table I'd previously hired someone to make (You could easily do the same with some Pinterest inspo).

Chloe claims the downside to making her own grazing table is that it didn't look professional however I beg to differ! I think it looks great and she did an amazing job! 

Grazing table buffet with balloon arch

Grazing table food

Wild one grazing table sign

Grazing table foods

Wild One Birthday Cake

Alvie's cake was decorated with safari animals and leaves. The cake topper was simply laser cut card.

Where did you get your cake topper from?

An Etsy shop called Little Glitter Co.

Who made your cake?

Chloe Mcswain from The Little Cakery in Busselton

Wild one birthday cake

Party Invitation

Alvie's Birthday invitation below matched perfectly with the theme! Purchased from Etsy.

Wild one safari party invitation

Final thoughts on Alvie's Wild One Birthday Party…

Is there anything that you would do differently next time?

I forgot to put the meats out, so I would definitely do that next time! I would have used different balloons for the garland. I used everyday helium balloons when I should've used round ones and then added smaller ones to fill the spaces. But you live and learn for next time!

Balloon decorations with grazing table buffet

Balloon safari party decor

One thing I did notice was how much Chloe's regular house decor suited the Birthday theme! Outside there is plenty of greenery with tropical palms and frangipanis, the vertical garden under the alfresco. Inside are plants, decor and the overall colour scheme that tied in with the party.

Although this was a wild one Birthday party, there was nothing but a calm, relaxed vibe all pulled together with Chloe's good taste in interior decorating! Just check out Alvie's bedroom below, it works in so well with the party theme! Now I'm wondering if Chloe is going to be redecorating the house for his second Birthday party?!! Just jokes of course!

Boys nursery entry with cute quote

Whilst my brother and sister in law live over two hours away, any invitation I get from Chloe, I make sure I'm there! I always look forward to her parties. She did an amazing job of young Alvie's First Birthday and the wild one birthday theme. The highlights for me were the balloon arch and grazing table that she did herself. Now I can't wait for the next soiree!

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  1. Leah says:

    Could you tell me where you found the 3-d Baby Giraffe?

    • Lauren Hill says:

      Hi Leah, thanks for asking! It was from KMart. I did have a quick look online and they don’t appear to have it in stock at the moment however I’m not sure about in store.

  2. Sarah Juneau says:

    Hi there! Could you please tell me where you purchased the custom cake topper? Thank you!

    • Lauren Hill says:

      Hey Sarah! The cake topper was from an Etsy store called Little Glitter Co. However I’ve just noticed they’ve since closed. I’m sure you could find something similar on Etsy. It was just made from paper, not even very thick either. Good luck!

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