A Bachelorette Party for the (Mostly) Classy Bride

A Bachelorette Party for the (Mostly) Classy Bride

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I've got your boho garden bachelorette party ideas covered! My baby sister is going to be married and I've recorded all the info on how the ‘maids and I created this Hen's party to celebrate the Bride to Be.

Now don't think for a second that this was going to be a civilised bachelorette party. My sister's request was to have a garden party with a lot of men's appendage. Okay, they weren't her exact words but I have to keep this respectable! Which is also why I've been selective of the pictures within this post. We need to keep it at least a little classy right?!

I didn't get much of an opportunity to photograph this event as I was in charge of collecting the bride to be and making sure she arrived after all of her guests. However there is still plenty of inspo here for your next boho garden party!

I think all six bridesmaids did a pretty good job of organising the party without there being too many cooks in the kitchen! The Maids each organised to their own strengths. We all had different contacts and skills to bring to the table when organising this party. The hosts of our party were one of the Maid's parents who did an amazing job helping us piece everything together also.

bachelorette party long table with boho decor

Bachelorette Party Theme

My sister, Michelle requested that all of her bridesmaids organise the party for her, keeping it a secret from her. She did, however, request that it be appropriate for all of her guests. We were to keep it civilised at first and then later anyone who chose to stay could experience the typical shenanigans that go on at a bachelorette party.

I love the bohemian garden vibe we went for. Since the wedding colour scheme includes burgandy we chose to run with this, adding splashes of pink and gold with touches of green.

We requested that all of our guests come dressed for a garden party, in their garden party dresses. The other request from the bride? NOBODY wears white. Any white. That was for her! Of course, we obliged.

bride and maid standing under balloon arch

Setting the Boho Theme

There were plenty of decorations and little touches that went into making our Boho Garden Bachelorette Party. However, the biggest boho element in the (outdoor) room by far was the delightful table setting.

We hired someone to come in and set up a huge long table for our lovely guests. They layered rugs, added cushions for seating and placed low tables. All of this in our coordinating colour scheme.

The whole table was absolutely gorgeous. Set with a runner and table decor to add to the boho vibe. Lanterns with little fairy lights were a beautiful touch. The place settings were arranged, washed and taken the next day by the people who set it up.

bachelorette party table place settings and decor
long low lying boho bachelorette party table setting
layered floor rugs and cushions at low bachelorette party table
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Bachelorette Party Decorations

By far my favourite decoration was the balloon arch. As we were very busy ladies (all doing our designated jobs on the day) we had someone come in to make it for us. I'm still itching to make my own, I can't believe I haven't yet!

Our bride's balloon installation had beautiful shades of burgundy, white, pink and gold. I think adding leaves and flowers really takes these installations to the next level. The arch had greenery from the leaves and pink and white in the flowers. It made for a great photo backdrop!

I also designed and printed a welcome sign for the bachelorette party. We displayed it at the entrance on an easel. Throw up some streamers and bunting and you've got the whole decoration package! Of course, it's never quite that quick and easy to just throw those things up but it all came together beautifully.

image of whole balloon arch hanging
Close up of balloons and floral installation
pink and burgandy balloon arch hanging
bachelorette party welcome sign on easel
close up of boho wreath bachelorette party welcome sign

Food + Beverages

We set up a cocktail bar. I created a sign with suggestions for drink combinations. We hired a cute Cheers sign that holds champagne flutes with drinks in them. A small touch was the custom water bottle labels.

No party these days is complete without a grazing table right?! We had a gorgeous layout including the usual like cheeses, fruit, meats and dips. Our bride is vegetarian so of course, we catered to her with special treats. We also had a cute little pavlova station. I absolutely loved the custom made cookies with a gorgeous pink marble icing and the words “Chelle's Hens” stamped onto them.

To decorate the grazing table we managed to round up a collection of timber and porcelain platters, boards and bowls from various people. The tables had white tablecloths, scattered gold placemats and large faux Monstera leaves. By far my fave touch was the “diamonds” thrown about the table.

I also created a cute little Grazing Table sign to match the theme.

cocktail bar and ingredients
fruit platter and grazing table
meat platter grazing table
grazing table sign and food
sweet treats bachelorette party grazing table
platter of bachelorette party pink marble cookies

Bachelorette Party Games + Entertainment

No bachelorette party is complete without some games and shenanigans! One of our maids made up some beautiful gift packages for the winners of the games.

YARD GAMES: One of the maids organised some giant, oversized backyard games including Jenga and Connect 4.

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE BRIDE?: Everyone had to complete the questionnaire. Once that was done we called out the questions for people to respond, some were pretty funny! We gave points for correct answers and extra points for funny answers. Don't forget to get your free copy of the How Well do you Know the Bride Quiz that we played!

HOW WELL DOES THE GROOM KNOW THE BRIDE?: One of the maids created a Mr & Mrs Quiz for the groom to complete. We then read out the answers and also asked the Bride for answers. Questions such as; What bra size is the Bride?; If the Groom could be a condiment which would he be?; Which item of the Bride's clothing does the Groom hate the most?.

PIN THE JUNK ON THE HUNK: Just like pin the tail on the donkey. Only with a picture of a hunk and penis stickers. I found this really cool and totally funny Ryan Gosling version on Etsy.

PLAYDOH PENISES: I had heaps of fun making a huge batch of brightly coloured, glittered playdoh for this activity. We had our guests sculpt a penis (some were pretty creative!). I've also seen this done with blindfolds.

We organised a topless waiter to serve drinks and later we had a stripper for the Bride. Being the big Harry Potter fan that Michelle is, he was dressed as Harry Potter. He was most definitely much easier on the eye than Daniel Radcliffe too (soz if you're a Radcliffe fan!).

bride quiz printout
multi graphic of party elements

The Wedding

So Covid-19 hit and we couldn't go to the wedding! How devastating for a bride to have the usual stress of organising a wedding then a pandemic gets thrown at her. As the couple weren't sure when they'd be able to get married they decided to have a small 5 person restricted wedding.

Michelle set up a Facebook group to stream it live to all of the guests that missed out. It was actually quite fun to see everyone posting photos in the group of what they were doing and the excitement. I am happy to report that a new date has now been set for next year. I'll be sure to come back and report on the long-awaited wedding then!

Being in isolation and not able to share this momentous occasion with my sister really sucked. To let the bride and her groom know how special they are, my kids and I decorated their house. It was quite a stressful but totally funny time actually!

two boys in front of decorated garage
newly married couple standing in front of wedding sign

Celebrating Covid Style

I had a timeline planned out so that the kids and I would get home in time to get into our fancy clothes and watch the ceremony on Facebook. Well… of course, a bride has to be late, doesn't she?! I was driving around for almost an hour, waiting for them to leave their house. I had two cranky small children in the car who just were not into it! Eventually, with some help from her maid and witness for the day, the boys and I managed to decorate their house, ready for when the Newly Weds returned home.

We didn't quite get everything done but it still looked good. And best of all it was a surprise for the newly married couple. We arrived back home to watch the Facebook Live with 5 minutes to spare. A wedding via video with group chat definitely wasn't something I thought I'd be taking part in! A perfect example of when life gives you lemons though isn't it?

I hope you enjoyed the boho bachelorette party pics and details, I'll be back again with an article on the wedding. I'd love to see some inspo from your own Hen's Day or Bridal Shower. Tag me, @avisualmerriment on Instagram or Facebook.

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