Easy Chocolate Covered Oreos For Your Next Party

Easy Chocolate Covered Oreos For Your Next Party

Sprinkle covered oreos on white plate against pink background
Oreos with chocolate and sprinkles on white plate and marble top

These chocolate covered Oreos are perfect for your next party. They're such a quick and easy way to add some colour, particularly if you're working with a specific theme or colour scheme.

Typically when organising party food it requires having many different options available to your guests. Especially with kids parties. So I like to keep things as simple as I can, or I'll be chained to the kitchen all week!

I made these sprinkle and chocolate covered Oreos as part of my Valentine's Day Dessert Board. And the kids loved them. Yes! My Valentine's were my kids and definitely the most adorable and loveable Valentines I've ever had.

Watch the short video below or keep scrolling for the rundown on how to whip up these quick chocolate covered Oreos.

Closeup of finished chocolate covered oreos


  • Oreos
  • White melting chocolate
  • Sprinkles in your preferred colour
  • Wax or baking paper
  • Tray
  • Bowls for chocolate and sprinkles
Flatlay of supplies for chocolate covered oreos

STEP #1 | Melt chocolate

I used a bag of chocolate melts for this. You could get away with using less however it's good to have a reasonable amount of chocolate for when you're dipping your Oreos in.

Place chocolate in the microwave and melt according to the instructions, taking out and stirring on occasion. Or you could always melt on the stove if that's your thing.

Bowl of white chocolate melts
Stirring melted chocolate in a bowl

STEP #2 | Prepare your Oreo decorating space

Whilst you're melting the chocolate prepare your Oreo decorating production line. Line the tray with wax or baking paper. Pour some of your sprinkles into small dipping bowls.

Laying out sprinkles, chocolate and tray for Oreos
Colourful sprinkles editable Birthday party sign

STEP #3 | Do the Oreo chocolate dip

This is pretty simple. Take one Oreo and dip it halfway into the bowl of chocolate. Wait briefly or gently shake the excess chocolate off.

Dipping biscuit into bowl of chocolate
Covering oreo in chocolate

STEP #4 | Add some colour with sprinkles

I thought this would be the fun part although it turned out to be not quite as fun as I first thought! It got just a little messy. But it really wasn't too bad. I found that I would gently dip the chocolate covered Oreo into a bowl of sprinkles. Then I would use my fingers to sprinkle a few more on for more coverage and press them onto the chocolate a little more.

Repeat with the whole packet of Oreos, placing each one on the lined tray.

covering biscuit in sprinkles
Lay out chocolate covered oreo onto tray
Finish coating oreos in chocolate and sprinkles, laid on plate
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STEP #5 | Set the chocolate

Once you've covered your Oreos in chocolate and sprinkles put the tray in the fridge for about 10 minutes. The day I made these it was quite hot so I needed to set the chocolate in the fridge however on a cooler day you might be able to skip this step.

Chocolate covered oreos on white platter
Platter of chocolate covered oreos on marble

Easy chocolate covered oreos… finished

And that's it! So easy. Display the Oreos on a plate or platter and they're ready for your guests (or just for you to devour).

I quite like the half-dipped chocolate Oreo. There's not as much mess and you can see everything you're going to get!

I'd love to know your go-to party quick party food. Really, I would and I'll probably steal your idea as anything to make party planning easier is alright in my book. Comment below or tag me @avisualmerriment on Instagram on Facebook. with your fave picks!

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