25 Halloween Costumes for Kids

25 Halloween Costumes for Kids

25 Halloween costumes for kids with pictures

Check out this list of Halloween costumes for kids, All Hallows' Eve is fast approaching! Left it to the last minute? Don't worry, I've got you. We're all busy… the easier the costume, the better right?!

For inspirational purposes, be sure to keep in mind that many of these costumes would suit babies, boys, girls and even adults.

Fire Breathing Green Dragon Costume

This looks amazing, take a close look – it would be so simple to recreate. Such a clever, quick costume from Melissa at Winter Daisy.

DIY Fire breathing green dragon boy's halloween costume

Baby Cow Costume with an Udder

How adorable is bub in this cow costume, I love the hat! Ashley at Make It & Love It gives you the tutorial on how to make this costume.

Baby cow halloween costume with udder

Jellyfish Halloween Costume

I love that this lights up! You can use gift wrap ribbon, crepe paper or regular ribbon and trims. Catch the tutorial at Almost the Real Thing.

Light up jellyfish Halloween costume

Anemone (Finding Nemo) Costume

If there are balloons involved, I'm going to love it. I really want to try this one for myself! Via Pinterest.

Anemone (Finding Nemo) Costume

Cute Black Cat Halloween Costume

Megan at Do It Yourself Divas has a DIY tutorial on how you can make this adorable little costume quickly and easily, even the day before! Perfect for the little ones and the older ones too!

Cute black cat halloween costume

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Cotton Ball Sheep Costume

This would make a cute costume for all ages. Modest Effort Mama gets out her hot glue gun and a lot of cotton balls!

Cotton Ball Sheep kids Costume

Spider Infestation Costume

As Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun describes this costume… it's for those who don't really want to dress up yet still have to! She creates the spiders and prints them onto temporary tattoo paper. I think my kids will be covered in temporary tattoos now I know that this is a thing! If you need a more in-depth tutorial on printing on your home inkjet, check out this printing temporary tattoos tutorial on Instructables.

Spider infestation Halloween Costume

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Now this would suit me to a tee. So simple and easy plus kids have heaps of stuffed toys laying around! Michelle at Crafty Morning gives a quick rundown on how she did it.

Crazy cat lady halloween costume

80's Workout Costume

Oh my! Words just escape me on this adorable aerobics instructor… sweatbands and lycra are the winning combination to any costume as far as I'm concerned! Via Pinterest.

80's workout costume for toddlers

Heinz Ketchup & Mustard Twins Costume

Cute licenced condiment twinsees! Licensed Ketchup & Mustard costumes available from Buzz Bear Studio

Heinz Ketchup & Mustard Twins Costume

Where's Wally (or Waldo!) Costume

This is a great one for bubs and bigs kids too if you're stuck on time! Ashley at Make It & Love It whips this costume up in less than an hour.

Baby Where's Wally (Waldo) Halloween costume

Captain Underpants Costume

Give them all a giggle with this fun Captain Underpants costume, you'll find the DIY from Jessica at The Mom Creative.

Captain Underpants boy's costume

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Frida Kahlo Artist Costume

Anything Frida Kahlo and I'm in! Jordan from Oh Happy Day put together three last-minute artist costumes including Frida, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh.

Girl's Frida Kahlo costume

Moaning Myrtle Harry Potter Costume

Now what kid wouldn't want to wear a (clean) toilet seat on their head??! Check out some Harry Potter inspiration at Kate Johns Musings.

Moaning Myrtle Halloween costume

Minecraft Skeleton Costume

This is monochrome cool for sure. So easy, just put some tape on black clothing for the skeleton. Then either paint or cover a cardboard box in coloured paper. Via Pinterest.

Minecraft skeleton Halloween costume

Cat in the Hat Costume

This is another quick and easy DIY costume, you may even have most of it around the house already. Check it out on Seeker of Happiness. If you're after a hat to make for your cat, use some card or try this cute tutorial over on Party Delights.

Cat in the Hat kids halloween costume

Man in the Yellow Hat Costume

Oh my boys loved Curious George as little ones! What a cutie with his pet monkey too. Check out Haute Apple Pie for how it's done.

Man in the Yellow Hat boy's Halloween costume

Cabbage Patch Doll Stroller Costume

I love the idea of getting everyone involved. Sometimes for the wee little ones (when they're stuck in things like strollers), it's just easier to work with what you've got! Via Pinterest

Cabbage Patch Doll Stroller Costume for Halloween

Baby Subway Wrap Costume

How cute is this bub?! Just stick a couple of felt vegetable shapes to a baby beanie. Even try these Duktig toys from IKEA which I know many people have! I'm sure your local Subway would give you a couple of extra sheets, especially if you send them a pic! Via Pinterest.

DIY baby subway wrap halloween costume

Bin Liner Witch Tutu

Forget leaving things to the day before, this costume from Maggie Woodley of Party Delights is quick and easy enough for the morning of!

Bin Liner Witch Tutu Halloween costume

DIY Frankenstein Costume

It's difficult to find things for older boys who still want to dress up, this is simple and not childish. Alicia at Zygote Brown Designs has the template and instructions.

Frankenstein DIY Halloween costume

Day of the Dead Girl's Costume

The face painting for this costume is quite simple… what girl doesn't own a tutu?! Via Pinterest.

Girl's Day of the Dead Halloween costume

No-Sew Pineapple Costume

How chic does this costume look? I love it! Delia from Delia Creates has the DIY tutorial, check out the apple version she also made.

Froot Loops Costume

I've seen a few of these Froot Loops costumes but this one from Kelly from Studio DIY is one of my favourites. I also like the idea of attaching some Froot Loops to a hat or beanie.

Froot Loops Halloween costume

Bunch of Balloon Grapes Costume

Definitely one of the cheaper costumes… a packet of purple balloons and some felt and you're good to go. Via Lovin Dublin.

Bunch of Balloon Grapes Costume

I hope you've found some Halloween costume inspiration for your kids. I let my five-year-old loose on Pinterest and now we need to narrow down the costume ideas! I'd love to see your costumes, tag me @avisualmerriment on Insta or Facebook.

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