Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples, Kids + the Family

Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples, Kids + the Family

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Have you landed here looking for Valentine's Day activities? This is one of my favourite days of the year to celebrate! Okay, so most celebrations could actually be classified as my favourite day of the year. But Valentine's Day is definitely one that's up there.

Whilst some people don't celebrate Valentine's Day at all, there are plenty of us that have different ideas to the traditional ways to acknowledge this day. I choose to look at it as a day to tell and show those you love them. No matter their relation to you. In this article, I've come up with some ideas for couples, kids and the whole family. Some of these activities and games would also be great for the classroom.

I've broken these fun activities into the following categories:

  • Valentine's Day Activities to do at Home
  • Valentine's Day Activities Outside of the Home
  • Valentine's Day Games and Crafts

You will however find that some of them will crossover. For example, Star Gazing is something you could do at home, outside of the home, with your partner and with the kids. So be sure to check them all out!

Be sure to download and print the Valentine's Day word search cards that I've added to the Freebies Library for this post. These cards are great to give to classmates and kids along with a pencil or crayon!


Start with Breakfast

Make (or hint at someone else to cook) a gorgeous breakfast to get your Valentine's Day off to a good start. These buttermilk heart pancakes from The Gunny Sack are sweet and easy to make. Spread with Nutella, raspberry sauce, and fresh raspberries.

heart shaped pancakes

Bake Some Sweet Treats

This is such a fun activity to do with your partner or children. Bake cookies using a heart cookie cutter, decorate with sweet treats. Or keep it simple with some colour coordinated icing. You could level up with a Cookie embosser like this one from Houseoftootsweet.

Valentine's Day Themed Food All Day

Why stick to just one meal or snack?! Commit to only making heart shape food for the day. You could also try eating only red, pink and white food for the day too. Ice Cream + Neon Dreams made these cute heart-shaped Pizzas.

heart shaped pizzas

Create a Cocktail

Create your own cocktail concoctions. Even more fun, come up with a drink and name that best describes your relationship.

Valentine's Day Countdown

There will be no more excuses of Valentine's Day sneaking up again! Countdown from February 1st with an Advent Calendar. You can make your own or grab this cute one from PocketsofLearning. This is also a great one for the kiddos.

boy counting down valentines day advent calendar

Dance It Out

Find the latest dance craze on YouTube or TikTok and dance it out together. You could even make your own dance video once you've mastered the moves.

Build a Blanket Fort

These are so much fun. Add some pretty twinkle lights, lots of pillows and blankets. You could even laze here all day.

Backyard Camping

This is an inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's also great if you're leaving it to the last minute! You don't even need camping equipment for it. Pending the weather, sleep on the trampoline, in the back of the car or drag a mattress outside, it really doesn't matter! Switch off phones, play some games or tell stories. This is great for partners and families/kids also.

free printable valentine word search card graphic


First Date

Recreate your first meeting or the first date you had. I like this one for lengthy relationships. You can reflect on how far you've come together and all of the accomplishments you've had together.

Star Gazing

Take time out from your busy lives to head outside and look up at the stars. Be present in the moment and enjoy each other's company. If you are looking for some child-free time, this could be an easy way to get it with your partner, simply by laying in the backyard once the kids are in bed. Or you can really make a night of it and go somewhere special, perhaps a location special to you and your loved one/s.

Leave the Date to Luck

There's no need to rack your brain for a date idea. Keep the mystery and spontaneity alive with pre-chosen and personalised Date Night cards like the ones below from TwistStationery. If you've left things to the last minute, grab yourself a digital download set to print at home, like these from TheSavvySparrowShop. I love this idea as you can challenge yourself to fit as many dates in as possible. Or they can last you year-round.

box of date night cards

Bushwalking or Wildflower Walks

Take in all that nature has to offer. It will help you stop to appreciate each other and the things around you.

Favourite's Tour

Spend the day or a portion of it, visiting all of your favourite places. This is great for couples as well as families and friends.

Never Been Tour

Similar to the Favourite's Tour, head to all of the places you've said you would like to visit but have never had a chance to.

Learn a Craft Together

This could be done online or by going out somewhere within your community. There are so many classes available on a range of crafts and activities. Perhaps it's woodworking, cooking, pottery, art classes, improv and more.


How Well do you Know Me game

This type of game is good fun, you may even be surprised at how different your answers can be! Get started with this list of questions you can ask.

Last Minute Game Download

You should know I'm a big fan of last-minute ideas! Over in the shop I've created a bundle of 8 printable Gnome Valentine's Day games. You could even make this into a games night. Included in the bundle are 2 Emoji Pictionary games, Match the Love Song, What's on Your Phone? and Valentine's Day Trivia. Plus some fun Valentine puzzles – word search, maze and word scramble. Below I printed some to kraft paper for a different look.

printed valentine's day games and activities

Love Potion Science Activity

The kids will be amazed at this love potion idea from Beth at Preschool Play + Learn – why not make learning fun?!

glass of science potion mix

Valentine Day Card Challenge

Throw a bunch of craft supplies down and set the challenge to come up with a card (or multiple cards) for your partner, family, or friends.

Cute Craft Kits

No need to put too much thought into a love-themed craft session. Department stores and discount stores often have cute little kits quite well priced. I love these timber craft kits from WhiskerWorks and are great for kids and parties.

timber and wool kids crafts

Valentine's Day Sensory Play

This is a great one for the smaller kids. There are so many clever ideas for these. Some of my favourites include a foam sensory tub, this rice Valentine's sensory bin and also this simple sensory bin that looks easy to put together.

Valentine's Day Puzzles + Colouring

A cost-effective last-minute activity for kids or just fun at a Galentine's party is my downloadable Valentine's Day activity mat. Available in 3 sizes, you can also use these as table decor. Included puzzles are word scramble, maze, word search, tic tac toe, search + find the flowers plus a heap of colouring.

valentines day coloring in activity worksheet and pens
Get inspiration for crafts and DIY tutorials plu access to free printables for your home, kids and parties

Heart Suncatchers

This is such a simple way to get the kids involved, decorate the house or simply surprise your partner with on Valentine's Day morning. Laura from The Turquoise Home has an easy tutorial or you can purchase a kit from HelloSprout

Heart Wreath Home Decor Craft

I love a good wreath! Pam from Over The Big Moon made a gorgeous heart wreath from coffee filters. I've also seen ones made from pom-poms, candy, chocolate and even pink, red and white Christmas baubles.

Scavenger Hunt

Add some fun to your party with these cute gnome Valentine Scavenger hunt cards. These are also great for the family or even just hiding special treats for your loved one to find. Another great last-minute idea, this set has 16 cards with a choose your own ending plus all cards come blank to add your own clues.

Valentine's Day activities scavenger hunt cards

Memory Keepsakes

Sit down with your loved one/s and take time to go through photos and past memories. You could go with a scrapbooking vibe, cutting photos and writing down notes, feelings and words that come to mind. Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion created this sweet Valentine Photo Strip.

box of photos Valentines craft

What types of Valentine's Day activities do you like to do? How do you show the people around you that you love them? Whilst there are plenty of ways you can celebrate and some are more suited to you than others, I don't think it really matters what you're doing. It's simply about taking time out for each other and affirming why they're so important to you.

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