3 of my Ultimate Favourite Printable Kids Activities

3 of my Ultimate Favourite Printable Kids Activities

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Printable kids activities are a quick and easy solution to creating educational fun. They're inexpensive (some free) and you receive them instantly. Simply download and print. They make my life so much easier!

With the recent launch of my new Etsy shop, Studio Merriment I've got together a couple of my favourite printables for the kids. Of course, I've included a great free activity set here that you can get from the Freebies Library also!

The best thing about educational activities, from the kid's point of view? When they are also fun at the same time. Not only do you feel you're crushing some parenting goals but you've done it with minimal effort!

PRINTABLE KIDS ACTIVITIES #1: Zoo Animal Printable Puppets

I'm starting with an old favourite good for those imagination skills. I'll quickly run through how I whipped these up. Some older children could even help you make these, or do it themselves. A great way to extend their playtime and keep them busy for longer!

close up of zoo animal puppets

Printing your puppets

Firstly you need to decide if you'll be laminating your puppets. If you intend to laminate them then regular copy paper will be the best to print on. If you're not laminating the puppets then choose a thicker card, close to something like 200gsm.

For those of you printing to A4 ensure the print setting, Page Size and Handling is set to “Fit”. The size of the puppets document is US Letter so this will ensure the best print job on A4 paper.

zoo animal printer settings
printer printing zoo animals

Cut your animal shapes out

Cut your animal shapes with scissors. If you are laminating, line them up inside a laminating pouch and run them through your machine. I took two pouches to laminate all of the shapes. Cut out your laminated shapes.

scissors showing cut animal printable kids activities
laminating animal shapes
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Assemble your animal puppets

To attach the pop sticks I simply taped them with washi tape (but any tape will do). My boys had a great time coming up with different toys they could incorporate into their puppet play.

Tape pop sticks to animal shapes
line up of animal puppets
kids playing with puppets
boy playing with pop stick puppets


The second of my favourite printable kids activities are these count and clip cards. Also known as number recognition cards (the boring adult term) they're more educational than my other choices but still good fun for the kiddos.

pegs on count n clip cards

Count and clip cards are great for:

  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • Subitising small numbers – recognising small groups of numbers without having to count them.
  • One to one correspondence – counting each item in the group only once and giving it the correctly sequenced number.
  • Number sequencing – being able to say or arrange numbers in their specific order.

Printing + using your count n clip cards

For these cards I used a 185 gsm card to print to. You could also use something a little heavier or a little lighter, depending on what you already have. As with above if you're printing to A4 ensure your Page Size and Handling is set to “Fit”. The size of the puppets document is US Letter so this will ensure the best print job on A4 paper.

Use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut your cards out and they're ready for play! If you don't have pegs, you can use counters such as buttons, pom poms, gems etc to identify the numbers.

number recognition card printable kids activity
buttons and pegs on number cards

PRINTABLE KIDS ACTIVITIES #3: Set of Adventure Puzzles

I love this freebie. You will get not one, but three children's printable puzzles. The designs are bright and fun.

set of 3 adventure puzzles
set of 3 printable kids activities puzzles

Print your puzzles onto a heavier cardstock. I used 185gsm but you could use a lighter or slightly heavier card too. Just be sure your printer can handle the heavier paper. I used my inkjet printer for this as the colours tend to be brighter however a colour laser would do just fine also.

In addition to printing on the card I also printed another copy of the puzzle on regular copy paper so that the kids could reference the image. I will also be laminating the reference copy for longevity.

printing out animal puzzles

Once you've printed your puzzle onto card simply cut. I used a paper trimmer but scissors will do just fine if you don't have a trimmer. Now the kiddos have several new puzzles to keep them entertained for just a little bit longer!

Have fun with these designs – Adventures are Calling is a cute illustrated puzzle with children riding a crocodile boat through the jungle. The second puzzle is a Jungle Animal Safari with some colourful characters lazing about. Lastly, is the Hello Summer puzzle with children playing outside in their treehouse.

adventures calling kids puzzle activity
adventures calling kids puzzle close up
animal jungle puzzle scattered
hello summer made puzzle activity
hello summer kids printable activities puzzle

These adventure puzzles have to be one of my favourite freebies I've created so far. Not only are the designs are fun and colourful but they really are practical and helpful for kids learning (and parent's sanity).

As I mentioned the animal puppets and the count n clip cards are available from my new Etsy store. I have a bunch of other printable kids activities in the store too. Do you ever start something new and have so many ideas but seemingly not enough time to get them out? I have a heap of ideas for more products and I can't wait to get them into the store. I'm just a tad too excited about it too!

Enjoy! I really hope you and your children get a lot of fun out of these freebies. Do you have some fun at home activities or crafts that you've done with the kids? I'd love to see them (I would love the ideas for myself!) and you can always catch more ideas via my socials Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. So be sure to subscribe if you're not already!

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