Super Easy 7 Minute Modern Leaf Wreath DIY

Super Easy 7 Minute Modern Leaf Wreath DIY

finished wreath hanging in front of plant

This weeks leaf wreath is the perfect gift. Not only is it quick, requiring just a few supplies to create but its modern look will have you (or your recipient) actually wanting to display it in the home.

Whilst wandering through my local craft store in search of some white pom poms, the inspiration for this week's DIY struck. With 3 minutes of planning within the store, I had my supplies and I was set. It is so simple, with minimal items making it such a quick but effective home decor craft. This is exactly how I like my crafts to be! I wish I had hours to spend crafting the perfect piece. But the majority of the time that just isn't possible. As sad as it is!

close up of finished hoop wreath

Is this going to take you 7 minutes? Look, I was hesitant on putting a time limit on you. But honestly, I think you could even do it in less than 7 minutes. Just make sure you put enough glue on your leaves or you may find you'll be going back for touch-ups.

Watch the video below or keep scrolling for the full tutorial.

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gold hoop wreath with foliage


collection of supplies and materials for project


STEP #1 | Join your gold hoops together to begin your leaf wreath

To find the cord for this project, I went searching through my odds and ends. It's actually suede cord from an old pair of shoes I had. Place your two hoops together and wrap your cord around them both 3-4 times to secure the hoops.

stretching leather cord across hoop
Looping cord around gold hoops
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STEP #2 | Create a hanging loop with your cord

Once you've wrapped the cord around both hoops, knot it at the end to hold them in place. Allowing some space from the first know, tie another knot. This will create a loop for you to hang your leaf wreath decor.

Tie hoops together with cord
Image of two hoops joined with cord

STEP #3 | Trim hoop cord

This is as simple as it sounds. Once you've finished tying the cord, cut the excess off.

Cutting excess cord with scissors
Holding fingers through wreath hanging loop

STEP #4 | Glue gun fun with your leaf wreath

Before you begin sticking your leaves, you may wish to loosely place your artificial foliage over your hoop so you have an idea of placement.

Now comes my favourite part. By eye, at the base of the large hoop, locate the centre, comparing it to where you've tied the cord. This is where you'll start adhering the leaves to your (soon-to-be) leaf wreath. Place glue on the first branch, taking note of the areas that will come into contact with the hoop.

Using glue gun to add glue to branch
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STEP #5 | Attaching the leaf branch to your hoop

Place the leaf branch onto your hoop with the topmost part pointing out from the middle and slightly upwards. It is critical to ensure you put plenty of glue onto the leaves. Once you've placed the branch onto the hoop, touch up with the glue gun if you need to. Make sure however that you don't glue your hoop to the table (yes, I did do that! Face palm. No big deal though, it was easy to remove).

Using glue gun to attach branch to hoop

STEP #6 | Placement of the remaining leaves on your wreath

The next branch to attach should be the one on the other side of the centre. I have crossed them over in the middle. Once you've attached the middle branches, continue around the right-hand side of the hoop with several other branches. I chose to use four leaf branches on each side.

For the second branch from the middle, I pointed this down slightly. As I continued around the hoop I tried to roughly follow the shape of the hoop with my placement.

Two leaf branches centred on hoop wreath
Sticking down leaf branches to wreath hoop
Lining up remaining leaf branches on wreath
Adhering final leaf branch to hoop wreath

STEP #7 | Finishing touches to your new leaf wreath

Once you've finished adding the leaves to your hoop, check back over to make sure they're all secure. Touch up with any additional glue. For the last step I don't actually have any pictures for you as I completed this later. I wasn't too happy with the join in the middle of the hoop. So I pulled two leaves off the branches and attached them to the middle. You can see this in the finished images though!

Holding finished leaf wreath in hands
Close up of wreath faux leaves
Gold hoop wreath hanging on wall

Nailed it and you're done!

I can't believe how simple this project was – so quick and easy to create, modern and something to hang proudly in the house or gift to a loved one.

I find these are the best crafts since you quickly have that satisfaction and appreciation of creating something. I'm curious how long it takes you to create this project! Tell me in the comments. Don't forget you can always share your creations with me via Instagram (use #avmdiy) or by tagging @avisualmerriment on Facebook.

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