Love Chocolate Bar Wrapper DIY + Printable

Love Chocolate Bar Wrapper DIY + Printable

A brilliant way to inject a theme into your party is with coordinated chocolate bar wrappers. There are so many available to download and print it really is easy and cost-effective. It's not difficult to make sensational looking chocolate bars. I used Hershey Bars, wrapped them in foil and then completed them with the printable wrapper.

I made the Love chocolate bar wrappers for a Valentine's Day dessert board I created. But they would be great for an anniversary, wedding, engagement or even bridal shower. Go and get your chocolate wrappers now, they're my gift to you since you're just so amazing! [winky emoji face].

Love Chocolate Wrapper Printable

Have a look at the video below or keep scrolling for how I wrapped my Valentine's chocolate bars.

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Chocolate bar wrapper supplies


I've used Hershey's chocolate bars but of course, you can use a different option if you prefer, just keep the dimensions of the paper wrappers in mind.

Want to save time with this DIY?

You can totally skip cutting the aluminium foil out and simply buy ready cut foil wrappers to suit Hershey's chocolate bars. If you choose to do that you can head straight to Step #5.

STEP #1 | Straighten the edge of your foil

Roll out your aluminium foil. Usually, a foil roll won't have a straight edge from the last cut. Fold and smooth down to create a cutting guide. Then unfold to move to the next step.

Folding chocolate bar foil

STEP #2 | Measuring out your foil wrappers

In this tutorial, I will be cutting four sheets of foil as I have four chocolate bars. The final pieces I cut to are 19cm x 15cm. Since my foil roll was 30cm wide, cutting this in half to create foil sheets 15cm wide was the obvious measurement to go with. But you may wish to adjust this if you have a different size and it makes things easier.

Getting back to it now. From that straight line/fold, you did in Step 1 above, measure 19cm and mark with your pencil. Do this at both the top and base of the foil.

Measuring foil

Now place your ruler on the foil, lining up the two marked lines. Carefully fold the foil over the ruler and smooth over.

Create cutting guides on foil
Smooth foil guide down

Unfold. This will have created another straight cutting guide. Repeat again, measure 19cm from the second line. Once you've finished you should now have 3 fold marks for cutting guides.

Measure another foil wrapper piece

STEP # 3 | Cut two pieces of foil

Using scissors cut along all three lines. You will now have two pieces of foil measuring 30cm x 19cm.

Cutting chocolate bar wrapper foil
Cut a second foil wrapper sheet
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STEP #4 | Divide the pieces of foil to create your final four wrappers

Halve the size of each piece of foil. Measure and mark with a pencil. The finished size of these sheets should be 15cm x 19cm. Use the ruler to create folded cutting lines as you did above. Cut along the line, giving you 4 pieces of foil 15cm x 19cm.

Divide and measure foil into smaller pieces
Fold foil piece in half
Cut Chocolate Foil Wrapper

STEP #5 | Wrapping chocolate bar in foil

I've decided to keep the chocolate wrapped in the packaging that it was purchased in. This is entirely up to you. If this is just for you or your family you might want to remove it. However if this is for a party and guests I would suggest keeping it as this allows you to keep the integrity of the chocolate.

Place your chocolate bar in the middle of a piece of foil as below.

Place chocolate bar onto foil wrapper

STEP #6 | Folding your foil wrapper

Fold the short side edges in first. Next, fold in the corners, slightly angling them (but not too much or you'll have gaps when you finish folding the entire wrapper). Repeat for all four corners of the chocolate bar.

Fold sides of foil wrapper
Fold and angle corners of foil
Repeat folding foil wrapper on all sides

Fold the top edge to the middle of the chocolate bar. Holding this piece firmly, fold the bottom piece of foil to meet in the middle. Yes, my image below indicates otherwise (sorry!) but I found it easier to start with the top edge. Be sure to pull tight to make the packaging as smooth as possible.

Folding foil wrapper into chocolate bar
Firmly press down on foil wrapper

STEP #7 | Adhering the foil chocolate wrapper

Unfold the last piece of foil (from the bottom) and using a glue stick run along the edge of the top fold. Fold the bottom piece of foil up and press down along the edge to secure. You could use double-sided tape instead of a glue stick however I find it easier to use the stick and also easier to unwrap.

Adhere foil chocolate bar wrapper with glue
Press down foil to complete foil wrapping

The finished wrapped foil bars look nice, smooth and professional!

Complete as many foil wrapped chocolate bars as you need

STEP #8 | Printing your chocolate bar wrappers

If you haven't already, head over and download the free Love Chocolate Wrapper Printable from the Freebies Library. When printing, you shouldn't use a paper that is too thick. Whilst you could use regular copy paper (80-90gsm) if that's all you have, I used a smooth 100gsm paper. It has a nicer finish and the colour printed out better.

STEP #9 | Cutting the chocolate bar wrappers

Once you've printed out two copies, cut to size. I used a paper trimmer but scissors would do the trick too.

Cut chocolate bar wrapper

STEP #10 | Attaching printed wrappers to the foil-wrapped chocolate bars

Flip the chocolate bar so the foil seam is facing you. Place a wrapper beneath the chocolate bar. Fold the paper around so the edges meet in the middle. If the design requires the wrapper to be centred (as with the “Love You” text) check that this is accurate now.

Wrap printed wrapper around chocolate bar

Using washi tape (glue stick or any tape for that matter) secure the wrapper at the back of the chocolate bar.

Tape down paper chocolate bar wrapper to secure

Finish wrapping the rest of your chocolate bars and you're done!

Finished wrapped chocolate bars
Finished valentine's dessert platter
Close up of dessert board and oreos

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to wrap a chocolate bar wrapper. They look super professional and will create such an impact at your next party or as a gift. Speaking of gifts, you should check out the Valentine's Day dessert board that I created these printable wrappers for. You could create something similar and tag me via Instagram (#avmfreebies) or by tagging @avisualmerriment on Facebook.

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