27 Clever Craft Storage Ideas

27 Clever Craft Storage Ideas

clever craft storage ideas round up

Are your craft supplies getting a little out of control and you're in need of some craft storage ideas? Over decades of crafting, one thing that has never changed is that I'm always on the lookout for great ways to organise my supplies.

Admittedly I've had a lot of time (and now two craft-related businesses) to stock up on plenty of these supplies. Half of the excitement in trying a new technique or new products are working out where I'm going to keep them. Not only does my craft storage need to be functional but it also has to look good!

Ribbons in mason jars

Organising your craft room or space can get expensive if you let it. I pick a few larger, more expensive options that I absolutely have to have. Then I balance it out with some cheaper or DIY storage options. Sounds like decorating, right? Pick a hero piece, spend big on maybe a couple of room items and then make your purse (or hubby) happy with less expensive options of creative ideas.

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Cricut Vinyl Holder

This cool storage idea is also known as the IKEA plastic bag dispenser. Kimberly uses this great IKEA hack so that she can see all of her vinyl rolls quickly at a glance. I've also seen others use these to hold rolls of wrapping paper.

Craft vinyl storage idea
Cricut Vinyl Holder from Sweet Red Poppy

Plastic Basket Ribbon Storage

I don't know about you, but I've accumulated plenty of baskets just like this one that Kelly has used to tidy up her ribbon spools. She's simply popped them through a piece of dowel, poking the ribbon through a hole, allowing you to pull out as needed, acting as functional storage.

Plastic Basket Ribbon Storage
Plastic Basket Ribbon Storge from Smart School House

Ribbon Spool Rack

I seem to have an endless supply of ribbons, which is why it's important that I can shuffle and rearrange to suit as I get new ribbons. This storage rack is simple and perfect for just that, you can get one here too!

Ribbon Spool Rack

Over the Door Gift Wrapping Storage

I love being able to utilise the back of the door. It's often a space we forget about. Rolls of wrap can also be a pain to store sometimes right?!

Over door gift wrapping storage
Over the Door Gift Wrapping Storage from Kelley Nan

Hanging Craft Storage Idea

These hanging buckets are perfect for extra vertical space. Use with pens, markers, paint brushes and the like. Remove the bucket and take to your workspace when you need to.

Hanging art supplies storage
Hanging Craft Storage Idea from Project Nursery
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IKEA Hanging Storage System

IKEA Fintorp hanging storage is an old one but so good. They're handy for most supplies and you can change them out pretty easily. Whilst you're picking your's up from IKEA you can also grab a plant for extra cuteness!

Hanging craft room storage
IKEA Hanging Storage System from Unskinny Boppy

Pegboard Craft Storage Idea

I could look at people's different pegboard ideas all day long. Pegboards are completely customisable to you and are so easy to change up as you need to reorganise. I love how Kimberly organises her washi tapes (those things can get unruly!) and incorporates a little design with the signage to make it more than just practical storage.

Colourful craft pegboard storage
Pegboard Craft Storage Idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun

DIY Gas Pipe Washi Tape Holder

I had such a hard time trying to decide what to include from Jen's craft room. I love it all! But by far these pipe washi tape holders are a very unique way to store your tapes! Jen has also incorporated the pipes elsewhere in her craft room. They're a great touch to a room for those of us who are a little metallic crazy (that trend will never end in my house!).

Washi tape pipe holders
DIY Gas Pipe Washi Tape Holder from Something Turquoise

Sticker Pegboard Organisation

I struggle trying to organise my stickers and scrapbooking rub-ons. I have them tucked away in a drawer and a file but I always forget about them. Hanging them on a pegboard is a great idea. And you can always add a few extra things with shelving and buckets like Amanda has done below.

Scrapbook Sticker Pegboard
Sticker Pegboard Organisation from Pebbles Blog

Small Craft Storage Ideas

This is a cute little creating space from Laura. An IKEA desk, IKEA spice racks and glass containers. I'm sure there are other IKEA items that I haven't mentioned too! The hanging containers are cute and the magnetic containers and shelving also practical.

Crafting desk and storage
Small Craft Storage Ideas from Rosehips & Petticoats

Upcycled Hanging Fabric Storage

Using the side of an old cot is such a clever fabric storage idea. My mum has just recently revived her sewing hobby and is always coming home with new fabrics. When I saw this idea I sent her a picture to see if she wanted to use the old cot I have. I already have my fabrics organised but I knew she'd love the idea too! Plus repurposing or upcycling is always a great thing in my book!

Repurposed cot rail fabric hanging storage
Upcycled Hanging Fabric Storage (source unknown)

Scrapbook Cardstock Organiser

It can be difficult finding storage to fit 12″ scrapbooking paper and cardstock. These plastic crates are also stackable. You can purchase a similar crate here or this expandable scrapbook storage.

Scrapbook paper crate organiser

Scrapbook Paper IKEA Hack

Finding great storage for your scrapbooking paper can be tough especially since it can get out of control and excessive pretty quickly! Erin has modified an IKEA Kallax shelving unit by creating horizontal shelf divider inserts.

Scrapbook paper storage unit
Scrapbook Paper IKEA Hack from Top Shelf DIY

Sewing Thread Rack

I have one of these to store all of my cotton threads on and it's so handy. You can buy your own Sewing Thread Rack here.

Thread spool rack

IKEA Shelving Fabric Storage

Kimberly has used the IKEA Kallax shelving unit to organise her fabric and sewing supplies. Be sure to check out Kimberly's post (link below) for her craft and sewing room makeover with a whole lot more storage inspo.

Sewing and fabric shelving unit
IKEA Shelving Fabric Storage from Sweet Red Poppy

DIY Craft Paint Organiser

I love Mandy's craft room, it's so fun and colourful! Check it out along with her DIY article for this gorgeous craft paint organiser. So simple and a great storage idea if you're looking to make use of some vertical space.

Craft paint storage basket idea
DIY Craft Paint Organiser from Sugar Bee Crafts

Wire Shelf Paint Storage

These grids for organising craft paints are amazing. They'll work for other items like nail polish and some threads also. Check out the DIY version from Jessica (link below) but if you want to purchase ready-made, check out these wire grids.

Wire Craft Paint Organiser
Wire Shelf Paint Storage from Mad in Crafts

Utilising All of the Space

Jen has an extensive (I'm talking huge!) crafting space. In this section she has created storage on the front of her cabinetry for craft paints, hung buckets off the rails and reused old tins, sticking them to the side of her cupboard.

Paint and tin can craft storage
Utilising All of the Space from 100 Directions

Art + Craft Supplies Lazy Susan

Yes, you read it correctly… a turntable for your craft supplies. I'm definitely in need of a few of these. They would make creating just that bit quicker and easier. If you'd like to purchase your own, check them out here.

Lazy susan craft storage

Glass Jar Craft Storage Idea

Glass jars are such a versatile storage option. They're great for storing all of the small pieces, you can see them and they add colour and personality to your craft room. I love using mason jars, IKEA spice jars and IKEA Korken jars. My ultimate pick, however, is apothecary style jars and containers for copious amounts of character.

Glass jar craft storage idea

Under Shelf Mason Jars

These mason jars attached to the underside of a shelf are a great space saver! Add some chalkboard labels and they look really sweet. Get the tutorial from Kelsey on how easy they are to make for your craft room.

Mason jars attached to shelf
Under Shelf Mason Jars from Poofy Cheeks

DIY Washi Tape Dispenser

I love this DIY washi tape IKEA hack. What a fabulous idea and it's so easy, I think I might put this one down on my list of things to do!

Washi tape dispenser
DIY Washi Tape Dispenser from Lanukas

Easy Washi Tape Organisation

This washi tape storage is such a cute idea from Jamie. She's created it from a frame, some hooks and dowel. So simple!

Washi tape frame organisation
Easy Washi Tape Organisation from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Stackable Organising Cubes

Being able to stack and add more to these cubes is great. Especially as your addiction (I mean hobby) evolves. I like having some vertical marker storage as dual tip pens should be stored lying flat to avoid ink flow issues.

Plastic craft supply storage
Craft storage bookcase

What do you struggle trying to organise (personally I struggle trying to organise life but in relation to your craft supplies I mean!)? Reply below, I'd love to know and I also love a good organising challenge!

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