Cute Mom + Me Mother’s Day Printable Gift From Kids

Cute Mom + Me Mother’s Day Printable Gift From Kids

Mom and me printable homemade gift graphic with boy drawing

Just in time for Mother's Day, I've created a cute little free Mother's Day Printable book. Kids can colour and draw in the fillable book which is available with Mom or Mum spelling. And what mum doesn't love a personalised homemade Mother's Day gift from her kids?

I get a little frustrated when these amazing printables have different spelling to what my children are taught in school (we live in Australia). This is also why I create a mix of the two Mum spellings on the t-shirts in my store. When I see something cute I want it in the spelling that I know!

Many of my readers use the spelling Mom so I have created a free Mom and Me book in US Letter format for you. Plus I have a free Mum and Me book in A4 format. Don't be confused by my spelling of Mum through this post, since that's how my kids and I spell it here in beautiful Western Australia, I have a version for everyone to download!

Get creative! Well… get the kids to be creative

I'd like to thank Hudson, my 4 year old for helping me to complete this project. He sometimes went a bit off my intended path but that's the fun in it isn't it?! And who am I to stifle young creativity, especially when it's a homemade Mother's Day gift… just for me?!

It was two months after my marriage breakdown that I had my first Mother's Day on my own. My children were too young to really understand what Mother's Day was. So my mum gifted me a Mummy and Me book that she purchased from the shop. It was so sweet, she went through all of her old photos and found pictures of me as a child, doing things that I liked, with my first pet etc and included them with the book. It was such a thoughtful gift particularly at that time and it meant so much.

That is why I thought I would create a free printable version for you to download so that you could create your own memory book. Or even print it off and give it to your children to do it for you and surprise you with their creation. As well as drawing and writing in this book, you could even put photographs of the kids and mum, just as I did.

Check out the quick video or keep scrolling for the pictures further below

Download + print your Mother's Day book

Head over to the Freebies Library to download either the Mum or Mom version of your Mother's Day printable book. Set the kids free with pens, markers or crayons to draw, colour and write in the book. Younger kids will need some assistance or you could also glue photographs and complete it yourself, on behalf of the really young ones.

Once the kids have completed the book simply cut out the pages. If you have a paper trimmer, that would be much quicker than scissors.

There are several ways you could attach the book. You don't even need to cut the white pages out. It is for this reason that I have designed the pages facing each other. However, I wanted to add some extra colour with paper and embellishments. Keep reading for what we did!

boy drawing pictures in printable book
boy drawing pictures in mum and me printable book
Pages of Mother's day printable from kids with crayons
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Preparing your book

Fold a piece of coloured paper in half and then fold back flat. Glue the first page of your book on the right-hand side. Flip the page over and glue the second page on the left-hand side of the coloured paper.

As you scroll through the images below (or watch the above video) you will need to repeat the above step. Getting another piece of coloured paper, glueing the next page onto the right side. Then flip it over to glue the following page. It sounds like a difficult process to read about but once you're assembling the pages and watching the video you will see it is pretty simple.

Once you get to the middle of the book, the “I am so happy when my mum” page, you no longer need to add additional coloured pages. Now you can begin glueing the remaining pages to the blank pages you were making.

My mom and me printable with glue stick
Open mom and me printable book with drawing
I am so happy when my mum printable gift book
free printable mothers day gift graphic

Bringing together your Mother's Day printable

Below is an image of how the book should be coming together. All you need to do now is to staple it. I then used some patterned washi tape to run down the staples on each side just to avoid little (or big!) hands getting hurt on the staples.

Overhead image of folded paper book
My mum and me mother's day printables laid out with stapler
I love my mum printable mother's day book laid with washi tape

Getting creative to personalise your gift for Mum

I have kept the colouring of the book simple, most of it is in black ink to save the ink on your printer. You can however add plenty of colour with some embellishments. Hudson and I used washi tape and some stick-on gems. You can add what you like here.

Decorated mothers day printable book with washi tape
Open mum and me book
kids drawing in mother's day printable book gift

Mother's Day coupons

As a bonus to your homemade Mother's Day gift, I've also added some coupons at the end of the book. Spoil mum with these, we all love them! Now she can cash them in anytime she wants.

Mothers day coupons page of printable with washi tape
coupons for mum printable page coloured in
boy holding printable mothers day book
boy drawing picture of mum in printable book with crayons

I hope you and the children enjoy creating this great Mother's Day printable book that I'm sure she will treasure for years to come. It really is the perfect gift for any time of year though. I love hearing some of the answers kids come up with, there are some very thoughtful and sweet comments. And then there are some totally funny answers, hearing the logic of a child is the best of all!

I'd love to know some of the adorable or downright hilarious things your kids have said when it comes to loving their Mum. Comment below! Also, Happy Mother's Day to my Mum, I saw this quote below and thought of you.

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