Free Printable Easter Bunny Decor (Easy DIY!)

Free Printable Easter Bunny Decor (Easy DIY!)

Hanging easter bunny garland with title

This Easter I wanted to simplify things so I created this Easter bunny decor DIY. You can download the printable for free from the Freebies Library.

Once again I'm cutting it fine in getting ready for Easter (hence the reason I'm simplifying things!). I've got young kids so it's all about the Easter egg hunt at my place. Only this year my sister is actually getting married on our egg hunt morning. We'll be coming up with some different ways the kiddos can still get their hunt and chocolate fix in. Although I'm still not quite sure how we will be doing that yet!

Print a few off, make and hang them in each of the kids' bedrooms. I like the little bunny tail too although you could also leave that off if you're short on time.

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Easter basket and decor display


Easter bunny garland supplies


STEP #1 | Print out Easter bunny decor

You don't need a fancy printer for this. I used my $40 inkjet printer and it worked just fine. There's no reason you couldn't use a laser printer either, I just prefer the colours from my inkjet.

Download the free printable garland from the library if you haven't already. Open the pdf and send to your printer. I printed two copies but it's entirely up to you how long you want to make your garland. I would definitely recommend printing to a thicker card over copy or thinner paper.

Printing easter bunny template

STEP #2 | Cut Easter decor shapes out

You now have some super cute Easter shapes in spring colours! Cut out with scissors. Not difficult but this will probably be the most time-consuming part of your Easter bunny decor DIY. I ended up with 8 bunnies and 7 carrots for my garland.

Cutting bunny shapes out
Cut Easter shapes with scissors
Completed bunny garland

STEP #3 | Line up your Easter shapes

Flip your shapes so that the backs are facing you. Space them out with a carrot between each of the bunnies. I didn't worry too much about even spacing, just by eye is fine. I had too many to line up all at once so I just did half to start with.

Flip shapes and line up

When you're lining up your shapes, remember to think about where you'll be running the twine. Choose an easily identifiable area where you'll be able to tape the twine for each shape.

On my bunnies, I have run the twine between his head and body (which sounds much better than saying I ran twine around his neck doesn't it?!). For the carrots, I choose just below the leaves, at the widest part of the carrot.

Point to bunny paper shape

STEP #4 | Attach cut-outs to twine

Line up your piece of twine across the back of your starting shapes. Ensure your shapes are attached roughly with the same placement. Adhere twine to the shapes using your tape.

Run string along shapes
Washi tape attaching twine to paper shapes
Hand placing tape on bunny shape to secure string

STEP #5 | Trim the twine

Being careful not to get tangled up, cut your twine. Leave some additional twine at the end for fastening.

Cutting string with scissors
Paper carrots and bunnies on string
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STEP #6 | Glue on your bunny tails

Flip your garland over. Using a dab of glue from a hot glue gun, attach the pom poms to your Easter Bunnies. You could also use regular craft glue if that's all you have around the house. Hot glue guns are just more fun!

Putting glue on pom pom with hot glue gun
Sticking pom pom tail to paper bunny shape
Displayed Easter bunny garland


Now that you're finished you can hang your garland on a wall or over furniture for some Easter fun. As the garland is only light you might find washi tape will secure it (just be careful to use a paper tape that won't leave a mark on your furniture or wall). Or if you're looking for something temporary, I sometimes use removable hooks for a lot of my party decor also.

Close up of easter bunny garland
Hanging paper easter garland

I hope you found my Easter bunny garland fun and easy to make. It's nice to have small touches like this, particularly for the kids just to make the day a little more special. I'd love to know ways you like to make Easter fun, tell me in the comments section further below!

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