Free Easter Printable for Your Candy + Chocolate Baskets

Free Easter Printable for Your Candy + Chocolate Baskets

Colourful Easter printable packages with lollies and chocolate eggs
Hands holding treat boxes for Easter - free printable graphic
Easter treat chocolates and candy packaging
Step by step wrapping and packaging Easter treats

Easter is upon us again and I wanted to make sure I came up with an amazing new Easter printable for you. Brighten up your treat baskets and sweet gifts in this fun watercolour design packaging. I have made you not one, but three printable Easter treat ideas here! Hooray!

You can use the 10 chocolate wrapper designs for mini chocolates. There are also folding favour boxes, one in a pink/purple watercolour Easter egg design and the other in a blue and green design. Lastly, you can package up your own candy and chocolates into bags, adding your special Easter printable bag toppers. These come in four different designs.

It's a fairly simple process (my favourite kind!). Check out the video below or keep scrolling for photos and instructions.

Please note that this printable comes as a zipped folder. I recommend downloading and printing from a computer as it is a much easier process. However, you can try the links I've provided on my FAQ page detailing how to download to other devices.

close up of printable Easter chocolate wrappers

Free Easter Printable: Wrapping mini chocolates to put into an Easter hamper


  • Download and print the Easter Chocolate Wrappers printable
  • Hershey's Mini Chocolates / Snack-size Mars Bars
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape roller
  • Optional: Aluminium foil to cover Mars Bars

There are 10 mini chocolate wrappers. These will fit Hershey's miniature chocolates. However, it is difficult to get these where I live in Western Australia. So I have made these wrappers a little bit longer to be able to fit a snack-size Mars Bar. If you are using these for Hershey's chocolates, you may need to trim the wrappers down a little.

Previously I wrote a blog post on how I wrapped 43g Hersey's chocolate bars in foil for my printable wrappers. I used the same process to wrap the smaller Mars Bars. To see how I wrapped those chocolate bars in foil you can read my post, Chocolate Bar Wrapper DIY + Printable.

I printed the chocolate wrappers on smooth 160 gsm paper. Then I cut each chocolate wrapper out. A pair of scissors will do just fine however if you have a paper trimmer, you may find this a little quicker. Wrap a paper wrapper around each bar, securing with double-sided tape.

taping Easter chocolate wrappers
Cut mini chocolate wrappers out and adhere glue to short edge.
Wrapping chocolate with colourful Easter printables
Wrap the paper wrapper around chocolate bar and fix into place.
Happy Easter Hershey's mini chocolate wrapper printable
free printable download graphic of easter templates

Free Easter Printable: Making treat boxes for your basket


I printed my treat box templates onto a smooth 200 gsm paper. I found this thickness to be fairly good in making the box stable but also not too thick that it was difficult to fold. Once you have printed your two Easter treat box templates, cut with a pair of scissors.

Fold on all of the fold lines. Once you have done this, it is easy enough to fold the box into place to see where you need to glue. You will find the video above, as well as the image below, gives you a better idea on which of the four folds to apply glue to. Once you have applied the glue, fold the box into place, secure and add your special sweet Easter treats.

Folding Easter printable treat box
Folding along all of the treat box fold lines.
Folding blue Easter egg favour box printable template
The four folded edges above will be where you need to adhere glue.
Apply glue to Easter egg box template
Using double sided glue tape, apply to each of the four flaps (see the image above or the video for a better idea of which ones these are).
Folding Easter free printable template
Fold box in and secure.
Put treats, lollies and chocolates into Easter treat favour boxes
Fill your completed Easter treat favour boxes with candy and chocolates.
Blue and Purple Easter favour treat boxes
Access to the free printables library with wall art, invitations, greeting cards and more

Free Easter Printable: Creating bag toppers for a great Easter Gift


  • Download and print the Easter bag topper printable
  • Assorted small chocolate eggs or candy
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Cello or zip lock bags (approximately 12.5cm wide)
  • Optional: Scorer/button/pop stick

I printed these on smooth 160 gsm paper. Once you have cut out your bag toppers (scissors or a paper trimmer will do the trick), you will need to fold them. For a cleaner fold, use something to score them. If you don't have a paper scorer then something like a button or pop stick will work. Simply run the scorer along the folded edge.

Staple the paper toppers to your bags. I used cello bags from Kmart. I found these a little thin which were a slightly fiddly to work with when it came to heavier treats. They worked okay however if you have access to something thicker like a ziplock bag, they would be a better option. I trimmed the top of my cello bags as they were too long. If your bags are a little narrower, you could trim the end of the bag toppers.

Folding and scoring Easter favour bag toppers
Cut, fold and score paper bag toppers.
Attach and staple Easter printable packaging tags to bags of treats
Attach folded toppers to bags of treats using a stapler.
Easter chocolate wrapped in colourful paper designs with jellybeans on yellow background
Open Easter box with eggs and lollies
Easter printable packaging with treats in bags
Gathering free Easter printable packaging and treats on yellow background

Have a bright and fun Easter!

And there you have it, so easy! I hope you enjoy this fun Easter printable treat idea. They're such an easy way to add a personal touch to your Easter baskets and gifting. Comment below, I'd love to know your favourite way of adding that personal touch for your friends and family at Easter.

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