How to Make a Sons of Anarchy Kids Biker Costume

How to Make a Sons of Anarchy Kids Biker Costume

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When my son told me that he wanted a kids biker costume for Halloween, I instantly went dreamy-eyed thinking of Jax Teller. Of course I encouraged the making a Sons of Anarchy costume! I don't think all parents would dress their kids up as a biker, particularly for school but I didn't care. It was fun. I do have a bit of a kooky sense of humour plus, both boys ended up with a lot of compliments.

I set the kids on Pinterest and let them pick a costume they wanted. We took our inspiration from this adorable Toddlers of Anarchy kids biker costume.

I actually made this Halloween costume for my sons last year but it was very last minute so I didn't get a chance to post it. Now I can finally share it with you! I don't have my usual full instructions for this DIY however I did manage to get a few pics along the way.

boy standing against wall with arms crossed in biker costume
two boys standing against wall in biker costume


  • Basic black tee
  • White fabric
  • Iron on printable vinyl (suitable for inkjet printers)
  • White thread
  • Sewing pins
  • Iron
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


Cutting your Kids Biker Costume Jacket

When selecting a tee shirt for your biker jacket, I strongly recommend going 1-2 sizes smaller than your child's usual size. Think about how a leather biker jacket usually fits; Up high near the waist with the tee underneath showing. I totally didn't think of this at the time but wish I had!

First cut the sleeves off. Then fold the tee in half to find the middle of the shirt to cut down for the opening. If you intend on reusing this costume then you could stitch some form of hems here. However this was only going to be a two use costume so it worked just fine for me to leave without putting time into hemming the jacket.

black tee
black tee folded in half
cut sleeves off black tee
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Choosing a Design Software

To make things as easy as possible for you lovely people, I would usually create a free printable template however I haven't done that for two reasons on this DIY. Firstly it would be in breach of copyright to distribute the Son's of Anarchy logo. And secondly, it would be difficult to create an editable document that you could customise to your local area. It would then compromise the design by throwing out the size of the patches.

I created the patches using Adobe Illustrator. However many of you won't have access to professional design software. You could try Microsoft Word or a free software such as Canva. To help you decide which software to use you first need to determine if your design will need to be printed flipped/mirrored. The instructions on the printable vinyl packaging will tell you this.

I tried to find the exact vinyl that I used so that I could provide the link for you. But for the life of me, I can't find it (it was almost a year ago since I created this costume and I've since moved house)!

I use a Mac and it was easy to change a printer setting. I found some instructions with multiple ways on printing a mirror image to a Mac or Windows. I would suggest Method 4 or 5 from this article however there are some other options you might like to look at.

Kid's Sons of Anarchy Biker Patches Design

The particular font I used is a free open source font that you can download and use from Google called Sancreek. As the costume was being worn to school I decided to use the name of their school (which was also the name of the suburb we lived in at the time) as one of the badges.

Search Google images for “biker logo png” or if you specifically would like the Sons of Anarchy logo then Google “sons of anarchy logo png”. It is important to use a high-quality png file with a transparent background.

Below is a quick Google Image search. Once you've typed in your search, beneath the search field, click on the “transparent” and then “high resolution” options to narrow down your search. These are highlighted in blue below.

google search results for sons of anarchy logo
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I was able to design the patches onto an A4 template however I had to print the images in reverse as specified on the vinyl instructions.

Create your design as per normal and then when you're ready you simply need to change a couple of settings to mirror the design. For Mac users this is within the print settings. I am not familiar with Windows settings however I found this article that should help you with flipping your design on both Windows and Mac computers. I recommend Method 4 or 5, they will most likely be the easiest.

print out of sons of anarchy patches on transfer paper

Preparing + Transferring your Patches

Once I had the patches printed out I then cut around them. Using an iron and following the instructions on the vinyl packaging, adhere to the white fabric.

Adhering the text and biker logo to white fabric will give them that “patch” look. Once your white fabric has cooled, cut the patches out. For the logo I stuck close to the edge but being sure that I left enough room to run stitches around. I left approximately 5 mm.

cut out sons of anarchy patches
Printed vinyl text and logo once cut.
iron next to biker patches stuck to white fabric
Iron vinyl onto white fabric.
cut biker patches
Cut out white fabric to make your patches.

Attach Patches to your Biker Costume

Once your patches have been cut out, pin loosely to your jacket. I began with the front oblong patches that include the Kid's of Anarchy club details. Then flip over to pin the logo, MC text and Kids of Anarchy text.

You could hand stitch your patches on but it's much quicker and easier if you can run them through a machine. There wasn't anything special that I did here, I just went around the edges with a straight stitch.

pin biker kids of anarchy patches to front jacket costume
Pin club patches on the front of your kids biker costume.
pin biker patches to back of jacket costume
Pin club patches and logo on the back of your biker costume.
sew small patches onto black biker costume
Straight stitch around the front biker patches.
sew kids of anarchy biker patch onto black costume
Stitch and attach the back Kids of Anarchy biker patches on.
finished biker jacket from with patches
Completed stitched jacked from the front.
finished biker costume back with kids of anarchy patches
Completed stitched jacket from the back.
boy standing with back of biker jacket dress up

Bringing the Complete Biker Costume Together

Complete your biker costume with a plain white tee (mine cost me $4 from Kmart) and some pants. You could use almost anything you have in the kid's drawers for this. Jeans, cargo pants, anything grey or black would look good.

Let's talk shoes. Harness their inner Jax Teller (in terms of good looks, nothing else since they're innocent little angels!) with white sneakers. You could try more traditional biker footwear like boots. Or, if you're like me, just go with whatever the kids have in the wardrobe.

Other finishing touches you could include would be to pop a bandana on their head, draw facial hair or add temporary tattoos. I actually had the kid's hair cut the week before, asking for a mohawk for my eldest and it did not turn out anything like it! But don't get me started on their hair, I always have a hard time finding a style I like. Regardless of your child's hair style, add some product and I think it will look really good!

boy standing with arms crossed in sons of anarchy dress up
boy standing with back of biker jacket showing
boy modelling biker costume
two boys in biker costumes with halloween buckets

Why is it that any article that has pictures of my kids and I can't narrow down which ones to put in?! I just think they're so darn cute (even if their haircuts are a little weird!). Well I'd better stop bombarding you with their cuteness.

Wishing you a super scary Halloween! I'd love to see your little bikers or even just any Halloween DIYs. You can tag me, @avisualmerriment on Instagram or Facebook. Go on, do it! I'd love to see them.

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