How to Wrap a Wine Bottle Easily with Fabric

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle Easily with Fabric

wrap a wine bottle in fabric

How to wrap a wine bottle? Okay, aside from the obvious gift bag perhaps you're looking for a more creative way to make a first impression with your gift? Level up your wrapping using the Furoshiki technique of fabric gift wrapping.

Perhaps you've bought a lousy gift and want to distract the recipient with something amazing?! I'm terrible at choosing wine so going all out with some creative gift wrap is perfect! This is actually a very simple and effective way to present your presents (yes, I just said that). It's also a good way to clear out some of those fabrics and embellishments that you've been hoarding in your craft room for years. Yes. That's me also.

To wrap this wine bottle I used a piece of fabric approximately 54 cm square (21.25″). It worked just fine but I would recommend allowing a little more, perhaps another 10cm to make it a little easier.

I'll link the video below. It is easier to watch the video but I have tried my best to describe the technique further below – keep scrolling for images and those instructions.

Select your wine (or leave me feedback on how to select mine)

Select your wine. Is this wine I picked okay? I have no idea, it wasn't about that – I wanted a pretty bottle to coordinate with my fabric so I raided my Mum's stash. As you have probably picked up, I'm not much of a wine drinker (crazy given I have children right?!). However, I do find myself buying it for people, especially for Secret Santa gifts or end of year workplace gifts.

Anyway, onto how to wrap a wine bottle with fabric, no headaches.

Aligning your bottle with your fabric

Lay the bottle in the middle of the fabric, ensuring the top is poking over the fabric as shown below. Fold the bottom half of the fabric up to the top of the bottle. Depending on how big your bottle is in relation to your fabric you will need to roll down the folded layer, like a hem so that it looks neat and tidy.

fold fabric to the top of the wine bottle
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Folding + securing fabric gift wrap around the wine bottle

One at a time, bring both the left and right sides of the fabric together. All you need to do is tie them together in a knot at the front of the wine bottle. Once I tied mine together I played a little with the ends of the fabric, tucking them in and neatening them up. I also trimmed any frayed edges of the fabric.

fold both sides of fabric to the centre of the bottle
begin to tie fabric wrap around wine bottle
tie knot in fabric
finished wrapping bottle
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Add a little extra to your fabric gift wrap

You could leave your Furoshiki wrap as it is or you could add some sort of embellishment. Behind my home, I have some beautiful native bushland so I decided to pick a couple of leaves to add to my gift wrap. I simply poked it into the knot of the fabric and it was all complete. I told you it was simple!

add a leaf embellishment to fabric wrap wine bottle
hands holding finished fabric wrapped wine bottle
fabric wrapped wine bottle with leaf embellishment

More Furoshiki wrap + creative gift wrap ideas

Buying gifts can be such a task, always striving to think of something amazing this person is going to love. My favourite part of gift-giving by far is seeing their reaction and knowing that I got it right. But my next favourite thing is adding my own personal touch with the wrapping. A lot of people don't expect it and I get excited comments every time.

I love to gift wrap using fabric, trims, ribbons, lace and all sorts of embellishments from flowers to bells to candy treats. I really love anything with texture. It can take a lot of effort sometimes though! I have also filmed some other ways to use Furoshiki wrap for various other shapes of gifts. I hope to be posting those soon. In the meantime, I'd love to know if you also like to come up with creative ways to wrap your gifts and why? I think mine started with a love covering my school books! Comment below or you can always tag me in your creations @avisualmerriment on Instagram or Facebook.

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