Inspirational Quote Card Bunting DIY

Inspirational Quote Card Bunting DIY

DIY quote card bunting tutorial

I created this inspirational quote card bunting DIY project for a school assignment. Part of the brief was to find quotes that not only inspired creativity but also encouraged me to keep on creating. So I turned those quotes into removable cards (so that I could add more!) and hung them in my study so that I could refer to them when I get stuck.


“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong” Joseph Chilton Pearce

“If plan A fails remember you have 25 letters left” Chris Guillebeau

“I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares” Saul Bass

“I eat glitter for breakfast”

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At the time of making this bunting I wasn't even thinking of posting an article on it so I don't have pictures to follow along with. So my apologies for that however this is such a quick and easy project you will get the hang of it really easily!


Inspirational Quote Card Bunting DIY


  1. Round up your favourite quotes and select some pretty fonts. You can pick straight from a program like Word or Pages. You can however find some really pretty fonts for free from websites such as DaFont
  2. Type up and size your quotes. I created mine on an A5 document as the paper I was printing on was A4 and I could print two per page. I also created a text box (with a border) and typed within that. This was I knew where to cut.
  3. Print out your quotes, trim them with a paper trimmer. If you want to round the edges do so with the paper punch.
  4. Measure and cut your scrapbooking paper. I left additional room at the top for the pegs.
  5. Adhere the quote cards to the scrapbooking paper. I always prefer to use double sided tape but depending on the thickness of your paper you could use a glue stick or other adhesive (be mindful of it bubbling if the paper is thin).
  6. Lastly, string up your twine (I just used tape on my bookcase) and attach the cards by clipping them with the pegs.

Inspirational Quote Card Bunting DIY

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