Make an Easy Kids Santa Beard Craft for Christmas

Make an Easy Kids Santa Beard Craft for Christmas

boy wearing santa beard and hat craft

This Santa beard craft is the perfect fun activity to keep the kids busy this Christmas. It's easy enough, even the little ones can come up with their own creation (some adult assistance/supervision with scissors may be needed). You can download and print the template from the printables library for free.

Add cotton wool to Santa's beard, glitter to his hat and really just decorate it however you like! Add your own twist to it.

I love papercrafts for the kids, they're so simple and the kids love them. Once they've made their Santa beard craft, it is sure to keep them busy playing and getting into the spirit of Christmas. Put on a play, dress up or even head to school wearing your costume for some fun!

boy wearing christmas santa beard craft


santa beard craft supplies


STEP #1 | Print + cut your santa template

Download your free Santa beard and hat template. You can print onto US Letter or A4. I used a 200 gsm card that worked well. I wouldn't recommend copy paper (80-90 gsm) as you need some thicker card to take glue and hold upright.

For true to size printing, ensure your printer settings specify “actual size”. The exact wording can vary between printers however you will need to avoid settings such as “fit” or “scale” as these will change the size of the template.

Your template comes with 3 pages. Cut out the beard, hat and hat pom pom. The first page also has headband wrappers. Further along, these wrappers will be attached to make one big band to fit around the head. If you have a large sheet of white card you can simply use that if you like.

cutting santa's beard with scissors
Cut all of the template shapes out.

STEP #2 | Prepare your Santa beard craft cutouts

You should now have the following items cut out from your template:

  • 3 headband wrappers
  • Santa's beard
  • Santa's hat
  • 1 hat pom pom

There are 3 headband wrapper strips. Attach them with tape, making one long band.

With your Santa hat, fold along the top dotted line (as pictured below).

tape christmas head band together
Attach the 3 headband wrapper strips to make one long band.
pointing to fold on point of santas hat
Locate the dotted line on the Santa hat.
folding point of christmas hat downwards
Fold down, along the dotted line of the hat.
pages of santa beard craft template

STEP #3 | Add some sparkle to your Santa Hat

Many people do not have a duplexing option (printing on both sides) on their printer. When the Santa hat is folded from the top, it will be white. For this reason we will be adding some sparkle with glitter.

Flip your Santa hat over and paint the folded point only with glue.

Sprinkle the white point with red glitter. I have used super fine glitter as it's all I had at the time. It did the job but I had to touch it up several times. Given the choice, I would go for a course glitter with larger pieces.

applying glue with paint brush to back of christmas hat point
Apply glue to the underside of the hat point.
sprinkle craft glitter onto point of santa hat
Sprinkle glitter onto the point section of the hat.

STEP #4 | Decorate and assemble the Santa hat

Now that we've added some glitter to the Santa hat, apply glue to the pom pom circle. Slightly pull apart a cotton wool ball to loosen it, then attach the cotton wool to the paper circle.

Once you have adhered the cotton wool, glue the underside of the pom pom and attach to the point of the glitter hat (see picture below).

attach cotton wool ball to hat pom pom cut out
Attach cotton wool to the pom pom for Santa's hat.
glue underside of pom pom
Apply glue to the underside of the pom pom.
attach wool pom pom to point of santa hat craft
Stick the cotton wool pom pom to the glitter point of Santa's hat.
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STEP #5 | Decorate Santa's beard

Now it's time for the fun part of your Santa beard craft! Flip Santa's beard over so that the templates dotted line that you cut is on the back. It will look neater if you cannot see this. Apply glue to the beard.

Begin applying the cotton balls to the beard. Pull and stretch each one apart a little before attaching to the beard. Be sure to leave some space at the top of each side of the beard. This is where we will attach it to the hat.

You can add extra decorations here. I thought attaching some bells or small battery twinkle lights (just something that resembles Christmas lights) could be fun too. Like you see men actually doing to their real beards at Christmas time!

applying glue to santa's beard print out
Apply glue to Santa's beard
stretch and attach cotton balls to santas beard template
Attach cotton wool to the beard.
finished cotton balls attached to santa beard craft
Finish attaching cotton wool, leaving space at the top of each side of the beard.
dear santa christmas wish list with holiday decorations

ATEP #6 | Bringing your Christmas papercraft together

Attach the top of Santa's hat to the middle of your headband wrapper with glue. Using tape then attach Santa's beard to the other side of the headband wrapper (pictures below).

Once you have done that, measure how big you need the headband wrapper to be by wrapping around the head. Trim off any unnecessary wrapper then tape together.

glue and attach christmas hat to paper band
Glue hat to the headband wrapper
sticking decorated beard to paper band with tape
Stick Santa's beard to the underside of the headband wrapper.
secure back of band to connect santa hat together
Wrap and secure the Santa hat wrapper to fit your head.
holding finished santa hat craft
boy looking at camera wearing homemade christmas hat

That's it! So simple, quick and easy. I really want to add some “beard lights” in there now. I think that would look so fun! If you like you could also add cotton wool around the white head wrapper too.

I'd love to see your's or your kid's Santa beard crafts. Or even show me your favourite Christmas paper crafts, I'm obsessed with them! Tag me, @avisualmerriment on Instagram or Facebook with your pics.

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