Make Your Own Classy Halloween Table Decoration

Make Your Own Classy Halloween Table Decoration

Spooky sophisticated halloween glass dome decor craft
Steps to make a halloween rose gold glitter pumpkin glass dome table decoration

I love all the hype of Halloween along with the cheap tackiness it brings! But sometimes… you just need to adult a little right?! In this tutorial, I've gone for a little more of a sophisticated Halloween table decoration to help you get your spook on.

Who doesn't love metallics right? The pretty rose gold glitter pumpkins sparkle beautifully against the little string lights in this glass cloche.

Watch the video below or keeping scrolling for full instructions and images.

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DIY glitter foam pumpkin glass dome with free halloween prints


Halloween decor diy craft supplies


STEP #1 | Paint your foam pumpkin in craft glue

Pour your glitter into a cup. Using a paintbrush, cover a foam pumpkin in craft glue. Don't be shy, make sure you use plenty of glue to coat it.

Paint craft glue onto foam pumpkin with paintbrush

STEP #2 | Add some sparkle with the rose gold glitter

Take your glued up foam pumpkin and dip it into the glitter cup. Once you've coated half the pumpkin in glitter, stick a toothpick into the glitter-covered half. This will help you hold the pumpkin for better coverage.

Continue coating your pumpkin in glitter. You will need to play around with this a little, spinning the pumpkin and using your fingers to add more glitter into all of the hard to reach spots.

Dip foam pumpkin into glitter bowl

Poke toothpick into pumpkin and cover remaining in rose gold glitter

After adding your glitter, turn one of your spare paper cups upside down. Use the toothpick to poke a hole and stand your pumpkin in. This will allow it to dry without any glitter falling off. Repeat the glueing and glittering so you have a total of 4 rose gold glitter pumpkins.

Liberally cover foam pumpkin in rose gold glitter

STEP #3 | Cleaning up your extra glitter

We don't want to waste all of that pretty glitter! Using this cleanup method, I barely used much of the 22 grams of glitter. Fold a sheet of clean, scrap paper in half. Pour all of the remaining glitter from your glitter cup onto the piece of paper.

Clean glitter by emptying onto folded paper

Holding the paper at the crease, gently pour your glitter back into the container.

Using the paper crease gently pour glitter back into container

STEP #4 | Paint your opal coloured pumpkins

Using a paintbrush, cover 4 foam pumpkins in Opal paint colour. As with the previous step, paint one half of the pumpkin. Then stick a toothpick into that half to help finish painting the rest. Use the toothpick to poke a hole into a paper cup to stand each pumpkin in. Allow them to dry.

Once one side is painted stick a toothpick in

Paint four pumpkins in opal paint colour

STEP #5 | Paint your white coloured pumpkins

Repeating the same process as with the last 4 pumpkins, use white paint to coat and then stand them in a paper cup to dry.

Paint 4 foam pumpkins in white acrylic

You should now have a total of 12 pumpkins drying. Time to get onto the glass cloche!

Leave all pumpkins to dry in paper cups

Glass cloche/dome

STEP #6 | Paint the base of the glass dome

With the black paint and paintbrush, paint one side of the cloche base. Place it on a paper cup to dry (those things come in handy don't they?!)

Paint timber base underside of glass dome

Once the first side is dry, paint the other side and then also leave that to dry.

Paint other side of base of glass cloche

Finish painting dome base in black acrylic paint

STEP #7 | Set the glitter pumpkins

This step is optional. Using a setting spray will help reduce the glitter from falling off the pumpkins. However since they're sitting inside the glass dome and won't be handled too much, this would only be minimal anyway.

Once your glitter pumpkins have dried, in a well-ventilated area lightly spray each pumpkin to set. Place back into cup for the setting spray to dry once again.

Spray glitter pumpkins to set glitter

Finish setting glitter pumpkins to adhere glitter

STEP #8 | Adhere artificial moss to the dome's base

Once the base of your glass dome has completely dried, in a well-ventilated area spray a small amount of adhesive to the inside. Allow for the adhesive to become tacky before attaching moss.

Using spray adhesive to attach artificial moss

Begin attaching artificial moss to base once glue is tacky

Once you're happy with the placement of your moss, remove any other little pieces that may have become stuck in the groove or outside rim of the dome base. You may need to spray a little more adhesive over the moss for extra stick.

Finish adhering moss with more adhesive spray

STEP #8 | Place the string lights into your glass dome

Now we're getting to the fun part! At this point, if you wish to, switch on the string lights. Place the lights into the glass dome, leaving the battery/switch towards the opening.

Turn lights on before placing into glass dome

Hold battery switch at the edge of the dome pushing string lights in

STEP #9 | Add the glittered and painted pumpkins

Holding the battery at the opening of the glass dome, place all of your pumpkins in. I didn't really have a method for this, I just tried to make it random but still ensure I managed to space the colours out.

Place all of the pumpkins into the glass dome within the lights

Finish tucking all of the foam pumpkins into the dome, shaking them for best placement

STEP #10 | Close the dome, ready to admire!

Tip the base onto the glass dome to seal the cloche. Give your pumpkins a bit of a shake if you want to change the placement a little.

Carefully place the dome base up to the glass to join decor

Finish assembling halloween table decor

Finished rose gold glitter pumpkin glass dome halloween table decoration

Wall art printables displayed with diy halloween decoration

Use this sweet Halloween table decoration as part of a centrepiece, on the mantle or beside a big old bowl of Halloween treats!

I'm so excited for Halloween this year, my kids are older and getting to the age where they can really enjoy it. Although I am predicting a couple of big scaredy cats when they see some of the older kid's costumes! As always, share your creations with #avmdiy on Insta.

Let me know your favourite Halloween tradition below or by tagging me in a pic (@avisualmerriment) on Instagram or via Facebook.

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