Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after I sign up for access to the VIP Library?

After signing up, check your inbox where you will find an email with your password (you may need to wait a few minutes). Every email that I send to you will include the password, just in case you forget. You will have access to all current and future printables with this password.

If you haven’t received your email password or have any issues with the password please email me


Why do I have trouble downloading some freebies on my phone/tablet?

Editable invitations, kits and some of my other downloads are bundled together in a zip folder. Whilst I try not to do this too often, sometimes it is necessary. Note that none of the digital wallpapers will be in a zip folder (after all you need to easily save them to your phone right?!). Currently, your phone/tablet can directly download a pdf or a jpeg file but doesn’t have the ability to unzip and extract from a zipped folder. If you prefer to download your freebies on these devices you can follow these instructions on how to Unzip a File on your iOS iPhone or iPad with the Files App or Unzip a File on your Android Device with Files by Google.


Why do the colours of my printable print out differently to what they look like on screen?

Many people won’t notice a difference but the colours on your print will appear slightly darker than you see on screen. I go into a bit more detail in my blog post Tips on Printing & Making your Free Printables Look Pro Worthy on why that is. The best way to avoid any colour surprises is to calibrate your monitor’s colour accuracy. Professional designers and photographers do this regularly to maintain the best colour output.


Why isn’t my 5″ x 7″ invitation printing to its true size?

Invitations are sized 5″ x 7″ on US Letter size paper. Although I live in Australia where everything is A4 I have utilised the US letter size as it accommodates everybody. If however, you are printing on A4 and the invitation isn’t 5″ x 7″ there is a minor setting you should check on your printer, or be sure to advise your print store. The “actual size” option (below) needs to be selected in your printer’s dialogue box.

Printer settings to help you print out your free invitations and printables

Why isn’t my printable printing out as the size it’s supposed to?

Sometimes printers will automatically stretch the size to across fit the page. As with the question above, check the “actual size” option (image above) is selected in your printer’s dialogue box.

How do I adjust the size of my printable?

Whilst I don’t recommend increasing the size of your printable, you can scale it down. The reason you shouldn’t increase the size is a lengthy one but I’ll sum it up to say that designs aren’t made to be enlarged as you will lose print quality and have a blurry or pixelated printout. By changing the Custom Scale percentage setting in your print dialogue box you can scale it smaller. For further information on this, you can view the  Tips on Printing & Making your Free Printables Look Pro Worthy blog post.


How do I download and set a tech wallpaper to my computer?

When you click on the download button, a jpeg image will begin downloading. Save this jpeg file somewhere on your computer. Next view these instructions specific to your operating system:

How do I set a tech wallpaper to Android?

Unfortunately for Android users I run iOS and can’t make up some pretty images with Android instructions for you. Fear not though, you’ll find steps on changing your android wallpaper here.

How do I download a tech wallpaper to my iPhone / iPad?

  1. Select the size option you would like and tap the “Download” button. This will open the image on your screen.
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the image until you see the “Save Image” and “Copy” options pop up on the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap “Save Image”. Then follow the instructions below “How do I set my tech wallpaper to my iPhone / iPad” to set the image to your screen.

Instructions on how to download wallpaper screensaver to iphone or ipad

(exact screen for iPad will look slightly different)

How do I set a tech wallpaper to my iPhone / iPad?

  1. Navigate to your Photos app and select the image you just saved.
  2. Tap the share icon and select “Use as Wallpaper” from the bottom of the screen.

how to set wallpaper screensaver to iphone or ipad steps 1, 2

3. From here you can pinch and scroll to adjust how the image will be displayed on your screen.
4. Once happy with the way it looks, tap on one of the “Set” options at the bottom of the screen to set to your screen.

how to set wallpaper screensaver to iphone or ipad steps 3, 4


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