4 Instant Room Makeover Ideas You Can Do Right Now

4 Instant Room Makeover Ideas You Can Do Right Now

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Looking for some room makeover ideas that are quick and easy to implement? Perhaps you're wanting to make a big impact on a small budget?

Interior decorating doesn't always come easy. There are a lot of things you can do to improve the look and feel of a room. This may involve various exercises to work out your personal style, research and much more. Sometimes, however, we just want to make some instant changes. Without spending all of the upfront time.

Here are my suggestions on how to decorate a room with minimal effort and cost but with instant enjoyment.

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Decorating Tip #1: Declutter Your Home

I get it, I can hear your eyes rolling from here! But it's seriously a simple but effective way to change the way your home feels. We all need to “live” in a home and it would be impractical to always have a clean house (particularly with kids!). However, decluttering will instantly make you feel better and instantly improve the space. With barely any effort.

Do basic things like putting papers into drawers, organising toys into boxes or making beds. I have several boxes and drawers around the house that are what I call “in progress” storage. These are things I go back to, to look at regularly as they will need my attention soon. However, they may not need it straight away.

Declutter Floating Items

  • Putting your bills in a diary to pull out on payday.
  • Reminders for school can be entered into your phone with an alarm. No cluttering up the fridge or tabletops with notices.
  • Use wall hooks, hat stands or over the door hooks to hang clothes you plan to wear again. Place things like hats, school bags and anything you need to grab regularly on these types of storage hooks.
  • My kids were forever taking their shoes off wherever they felt like it (usually in a prime tripping location). We now all have our own basket at the front door to place our shoes in when we walk through the door. Use nice baskets so they just look part of the decor.

Take a look around your home to see what is laying around that doesn't need to be. If it doesn't serve a real purpose or make the space look attractive where it is then you need to find a home for it. Decluttering will make your home feel cleaner, brighter and open it up.

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Decorating Tip #2: Rearrange Your Furniture for an Instant Room Change

Another great room makeover idea is to move your furniture. It has probably been in the same configuration for a long time. So try mixing it up. I often think… well I've set up my room for the maximum practicality and another configuration just won't work. But then I realise I'm not just limited to what's in that specific room.

Swap pieces out from other rooms. Find new functions in different rooms for old pieces. Often when you've had furniture for a long time it can start to feel boring and uninspiring. A simple move can revitalise the space and furniture. I would recommend that you do it, even if you're hesitant. You can always swap it back if it doesn't work for you.

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Decorating Tip #3: Add Throw Pillows

Whilst this tip doesn't have as big an impact as the others, I certainly find it the most fun! Chances are if you're reading this, you may have a throw pillow passion just like the rest of us? And if you don't have a collection just yet, now is the perfect time to start!

Throw pillows are cheap and easy to change out. You can change them along with the seasons. You can also change them according to celebrations. Be it something like Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day.

A great way to change with the seasons is to use colours and textures that compliment the weather. You don't have to change the entire colour scheme of a room but you could add an accent of orange for Autumn/Fall, focus on greys, blues and whites for winter. Add in something tropical with an aqua accent punch for summer. I touched on how to choose an interior colour scheme in another article that goes into more detail on colour psychology and more.

Storing cushions can certainly be difficult! I try to buy cushion covers so I can store the covers only and swap them with the inserts. Often the inserts get tired and need to be thrown out so I use that as an opportunity too. You can also just swap pillows between rooms. So change over between your bedroom and living room.

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Decorating Tip #4: Include Plants in your Room Makeover

This will quite literally breathe life into your room. You don't need to agonise over whether the plant will go with your colour scheme. Sure some colours and shapes would suit better than others but that's a whole other post. Not to mention, who needs that stress when we're trying to make quick, instant changes? Just bringing in any kind of greenery will have a massive impact on the look and feel of your room.

I've said it before, not only do plants purify the air that we breathe but they also improve our overall mood. I've written more on incorporating plants into your home in Secrets to Styling a Cosy Home Interior. Plants can be in planters on the floor, a shelf or the wall. You can use fake plants if need be. Or just switch out some flowers from the garden from time to time.

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Bedroom drawers and mirror

I'm not sure if you've noticed but all of these tips, in one way or another go back to how you feel in a room. Decorating needn't be overly complicated when you can trust in your gut feeling.

What are your quick, easy instant room makeover ideas? I touched on a couple of decluttering tips that I use in my home but I would love to know yours! Let me know below.

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