The latest IKEA product catalogue is out but don’t expect it in your letterbox

The latest IKEA product catalogue is out but don’t expect it in your letterbox

IKEA latest product catalogue favourite finds

It's my favourite time of year! Ok, so I have many of those. But… I always look forward to receiving the IKEA product catalogue in my letterbox every year. Sadly Australia, it won't be happening this year.

I would happily give up all of the supermarket and store catalogues I get every week if it just meant that once a year I received pages and pages of joy from IKEA. Whilst I'm somewhat devasted by this and still trying to come to terms with it… IKEA I get it.

The financial and environmental cost these delightful books bring would be quite considerable. So, so many of them all beautifully printed, full of colour and shiny lustre.

I'm beginning to understand that what I initially thought was tragic news, really isn't so much. The fact is that the IKEA product catalogue doesn't actually prompt me to go and buy as soon as I get it. I will always buy from them. I know what IKEA is about and I know what they sell. The fact that I no longer receive all that goodness in print doesn't really change my buying habits.

It is a good decision for IKEA Australia to move from traditional print to an online product catalogue. As a graphic designer, I always need to consider the environmental impact and sustainability a product will have.

It's more than just the design, it's all of the many processes involved in the design and the materials used. Then there's the manufacturing and transport of the products. What's the reuse/recycle ability once the product's life span has ended? I may not like it much but IKEA has saved many many trees from certain death and probably with only a slight impact on consumers and business.

Alright lovelies, that's my opinion. Is your's different? Will this actually impact on your buying habits? Let me know in the comments.

Before you go, of course, check out some of my favourite things from the 2020 IKEA online product catalogue…

PIPSTÄKRA quilt cover

The rainbow colours are fresh and expressive, and with the smooth, breathable cotton fabric PIPSTÄKRA quilt cover gives you a soft place to land. Available in multiple sizes and with coordinating cushion cover.

SKUGGBRÄCKA quilt cover

SKUGGBRÄCKA quilt cover changes the look of your bedroom, making a bold and fresh statement in black and white. You’ll sleep well too as the fabric breathes and feels soft against your skin. Available in multiple sizes.

Latest IKEA product SKUGGBRÄCKA quilt cover

SOMMAR light blue cushion cover

Summer season is sunglass season! The colourful pattern of the SOMMAR blue cushion cover brings the beach vibe into your home and goes well with other products from the SOMMAR 2019 collection. Easy-care cotton for an easy-going summer. I am in love with this bright and fun collection, they have so many cute coordinating products! This adorable print is also available as fabric by the metre (I'm excited).

Latest IKEA product SOMMAR Light Blue Cushion Cover

STRÄVKLINT dark lilac & bright pink cushion cover

STRÄVKLINT cushion cover shifts from pale to deep tones creating a smooth expression and giving your room a colour burst. Perfect as a refreshing accent or combined with other textiles in matching tones. Totally crushing on this cushion cover and it looks great with the PIPSTÄKRA quilt cover above.

Latest IKEA product STRÄVKLINT Dark Lilac & Bright Pink cushion cover

BJÖRKSTA Japanese wave picture

Loving the BJÖRKSTA Wave graphic, motif created by Katsushika Hokusai. All it needs is a frame.

Latest IKEA product BJÖRKSTA Japanese Wave Picture

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STACKHOLMEN outdoor stool

This outdoor stool is made of hard, durable acacia wood and has soft, harmonious shapes with a comfortable braided seat. Easy to move around – perfect wherever you need an extra seat for a nice rest.

Latest IKEA product STACKHOLMEN Outdoor Stool

HURRING bamboo basket

Collecting your belongings in baskets make it easier to keep organised and find what you’re looking for. I could find all sorts of knick-knacks for this little bamboo basket.

Latest IKEA product HURRING Bamboo Basket

TJENA storage box with lid

Perfect for paper, collectables or other accessories, and durable enough to be used every day. The TJENA storage box with lid is pretty and majestic – regardless if it’s freestanding or with other boxes in the TJENA series.

Latest IKEA product IKEA TJENA Storage Box with Lid

DRÖNA multicoloured patterned box

Perfect for everything from newspapers to clothes. Easy to pull out as the box has handles on both sides. I have a bunch of the DRÖNA storage boxes around the house for various things, time to update a few I think!

Latest IKEA product DRÖNA Multicoloured Patterned Box

About as emotionally stable as an IKEA table wall art in a frame

NIKKEBY clothes rack

Say “good-bye” to the chair that’s overloaded with clothes and say “hello” to this multi-functional clothes rack – perfect to hang semi-dirty clothes and organise the clutter in your bedroom or hallway. Available in grey-green or red. What got me with this rack was the idea to use it as a little plant and decor storage!

Latest IKEA product NIKKEBY Clothes Rack

NIKKEBY chest of 4 drawers

This unusual chest of drawers will definitely make a statement in your home. With its perforated surfaces and rounded legs, it brings uniqueness as well as function to your storage needs.

Latest IKEA product NIKKEBY Chest of 4 Drawers

LISTERBY white stained oak console table

This neat, stylish console table will fit almost anywhere, wherever you need a little extra space to put things on. You also have double the storage space thanks to the shelf underneath the tabletop. The natural bright wood finish and the rounded lines give the table a light and soft look.

Latest IKEA product LISTERBY White Stained Oak Console Table

LUBBAN rattan trolley table with storage

The living material rattan makes each trolley unique. Put your coffee on the tray and a newspaper in the basket and bring it to your favourite place at home. A great way to invite nature into your home.

Latest IKEA product LUBBAN Rattan Trolley Table with Storage

LAUTERS solid ash floor lamp

The LAUTERS lamp’s shade is made from recycled PET bottles and its solid wood base is made from more sustainable sources. It spreads mood lighting ― you can also adjust the height and hide the cord in the lamp base.

Latest IKEA product LAUTERS Solid Ash Floor Lamp

SOLVINDEN bumblebee chain lights

Easy to use – no cables or plugs needed. The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. These are the cutest little string lights, love them!

Latest IKEA product SOLVINDEN Bumblebee Chain Lights

SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker

Along with sound experts Sonos, IKEA is about to launch their new range of decor products that also double as wifi speakers. As they say, you'll be able to furnish your home and blend your speakers and sound with it. You can connect multiple speakers. I have to say that I'm not really a fan of the overall look of their table lamp speaker but their speaker shelf looks pretty amazing and versatile.

Latest IKEA product IKEA SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker

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